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December 14, 2021 4 min read

As we move into the winter months and the days are extra short, it can feel tougher and tougher to get moving in the morning. If this is something you’re feeling, you are not alone! Northwestern Medicine put together a handy infographic about how the shorter days affect our brains as many of us struggle with energy and productivity around this time of year. Our bodies need to adjust to the changing of the seasons (and changing of the clocks!) Luckily, there are some natural ways to give yourself a bit of a morning energy boost so you can start your day strong – and get back to feeling one hundred no matter what the season.

Types of adaptogens for energy

Adaptogens – first off, what the heck are those?

Adaptogens are a classification of herbs and mushrooms that help maintain good health by supporting the body’s healthy stress and immune responses. Adaptogens have long been revered in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese herbal practices because they can help to adapt the body’s response to stress, much like a thermostat controls temperature.* Unsurprisingly given their name, adaptogens help the body adapt based on what it needs. So, for example, if your body needs energy, adaptogens can respond in kind.*

Adaptogens can be mushrooms, roots, or herbs – but not all mushrooms, roots, or herbs are adaptogens. You can learn more about which mushrooms, roots, and herbs are considered adaptogens here, but perhaps the most well-known adaptogens for energy are Lion’s Mane and Reishi mushrooms, Rhodiola root, and the herb Ashwagandha.

Rritual Superfoods - The Ultimate Morning Energy Boost

Mushroom powder for energy

At Rritual, we love a Lion’s Mane mushroom! Delicious as a whole, or as a functional addition to your wellness routine as a powdered supplement, Lion’s Mane is a powerhouse adaptogen because it is known for its ability to keep you alert, focused, and mentally sharp.* Rhodiola root is actually added to Rritual’s Lion’s Mane Focus Elixir because it helps to support not only overall outlook but also cognitive performance -- and it won’t overstimulate your body like caffeine could. Read more about Lion’s Mane mushroom powder here.

Reishi mushrooms, on the other hand, may not be the most obvious choice for energy because they are typically known to support the body’s immune system and reduce feelings of stress.* Reishi mushrooms are often taken as a supplement in the evening because they can help promote restful sleep. However, because Reishi helps the body adapt to stress, it can also help ward off occasional feelings of fatigue related to stress, making it a powerful antidote for tiredness.* The addition of Ashwagandha in Rritual’s Reishi Relax Elixir can support and balance the body and help lessen the effects of stress while improving overall resilience.* Read more about Reishi mushroom powder here.

Benefits of mushroom powder

Consumed regularly, mushroom powders can give you a good foundation to support your body’s health. The benefits of mushroom powders are both vast and unique, but the good news is that when you are taking adaptogens, they help support your body in the ways it needs.

That said, depending on your own health goals or areas of focus, you will want to be strategic in which mushroom powder you include in your wellness routine because certain mushrooms will be more beneficial than others. For example, if you struggle with overwhelming stress, Reishi should be your go-to. For healthy immune system function and well-being all year round, Chaga’s your ‘shroom. And for some support in your cognitive performance and to help ward off fatigue, you’ll want to cozy up to Lion’s Mane.

How to use mushroom powder

Generally speaking, mushroom powder can be added to almost anything. From coffee to smoothies to soups, salad dressing, stews, and even just a mug of warm water, mushroom powder is super versatile and makes optimizing your wellness routine easy breezy!*

Before adding it to your routine though, you will want to consult your doctor to make sure it’s right for you. We recommend starting to incorporate it slowly, by following the dosage instructions and only taking it every second day to see how your body reacts. If you’re finding you could do with a higher dose, integrate it daily for maximum results.

Morning Energy boost

While adaptogens and superfood supplements may not be able to drag you out of bed each morning, consistent use may leave you feeling more energized and productive overall.*

To get that big morning energy boost, try adding mushroom powders to your morning cup of coffee or tea. Because Rritual’s products contain no caffeine or other stimulants, they can be used to supercharge your cup of choice in the morning without leaving you feeling wired. Simply add your mushroom powder of choice to full caffeine, half-decaf or 100% decaf to help support your overall health and leave you feeling energized and balanced to take on the day!*

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