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January 05, 2021 4 min read

Mushrooms are commonly used to cook homemade meals and add a touch of health to people’s livelihoods. In recent years, people have recognized the health benefits derived from mushrooms and have added mushrooms to the list of growing products in the health and wellness industry.

Premiums are placed on products that improve people’s health, and reishi mushrooms rank high on the list of products with potential benefits for people’s health and well-being. Reishi mushrooms are among a select list of superfood mushrooms, particularly those containing plant-based Reishi mushroom powder, provided by companies like Rritual. 

Referred to as “the mushroom of immortality,” reishi mushrooms are recognized for their ability to help the body support a healthy response to stress, in addition to calming frayed nerves. Rich in adaptogenic properties, reishi powder is revered for helping people remain grounded and centered.

You might be asking yourself what exactly is reishi mushroom powder, and how does it support the described benefits to the body’s ability to process stressful situations? Let’s look into those questions and dig up some helpful answers.

What is Reishi?

Let’s begin with the most straightforward question: what is reishi? As described by WebMD, reishi mushrooms are among several superfood mushrooms that have been used traditionally for centuries in East Asian cultures to treat infections and improve bodily health. It’s also known by the name lingzhi, and it’s been a staple in traditional East Asian medicine for generations. Recently, the benefits of reishi mushroom powder have been studied by scientists and herbal doctors in the western world, which has led to their increasing global popularity.

Reishi mushrooms are most frequently grown on oak trees. The top of the mushroom has a distinctive reddish orange colour that stands out in wooded environments. The bottom of the mushroom varies in colour, depending on its health and lifespan, though whiter roots indicate a healthier mushroom.

What are reishi mushroom powder benefits

The most common benefit of reishi mushroom powder is the impact on the body’s immune system.‡ According to Healthline, “test-tube studies have shown that reishi can affect the genes in white blood cells, which are critical parts of your immune system.

Reishiis widely consumed as a nourishing food that contains adaptogenic properties. It helps to support a balance of stress responses and can be involved in balancing your sleep cycles, and maintaining energy levels. Despite its ability to influence your body’s energy levels, you’re very unlikely to experience sudden bursts of energy. Instead, maintain a regular dietary intake of reishi powder so that you can ground your mind, recharge the body, and feel emboldened to take on any challenge that comes your way.

What are reishi mushroom sleep benefits

In addition to the physical health benefits of reishi mushrooms, the powder occasionally helps relieve anxiousness that can cause disruptions to natural sleep habits. Insomniacs understand how difficult it is to function on very few hours of sleep and, thankfully, reishi mushroom powder helps people suffering from sleep deprivation find the calmness they need to achieve solid hours or restorative sleep.

Reishi mushrooms can help boost healthy immunity and improve quality of life, occasionally helping people feel more motivated and capable of handling daily routines. Psychologically, this more uplifting and productive outlook helps reduce stress, which is one of the most common contributors to irregular sleep patterns.

Reishi mushroom powder helps reduce stress and, coupled with a healthier immune system, makes it far easier for people in need of sleep to find calmness to prepare for rest.

How to use reishi mushroom powder

You can save yourself time and energy by purchasing pre-packaged, plant-based reishi mushroom powder. Once you have the powder in hand, simply heat a cup of hot water, non-dairy, or dairy milk and pour into a 6-8 ounce glass or mug. Add one scoop of reishi powder into the cup and stir gently to dissolve the powder into the liquid. Then, you can easily consume your drink of choice, allowing the powder to enter your digestive system and support your body’s immune system. 

It’s recommended that you add approximately 3 grams of reishi powder to each drink, and the best time to consume reishi powder is in the evening. It provides a soothing and nourishing sensation within your body that prepares both the body and the mind for a restful night’s sleep. Creating a nightly ritual of consuming one hot cup of your preferred reishi-infused beverage helps relax your mind that should support a calm night of rest.

The New York Times has a great recipe for how to brew your drink and add the reishi powder in a controlled manner.

Final thoughts

Reishi mushroom powder may be relatively new to western civilization, but it’s a proven remedy from eastern cultures going back hundreds of years. Reishi has the ability to center your body and your mind so that you can maintain healthy amounts of energy throughout the day, and increase your chances of achieving a restful sleep to get through the night.

In a time when organic foods and substances are all the rage, reishi mushrooms are very popular in the health and wellness industry. By making reishi mushroom powder part of your regular routine, you should occasionally feel less stressful, more relaxed, and capable of achieving a healthy night’s sleep that promotes a healthier lifestyle and quality of life.

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