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January 05, 2021 4 min read

Mushrooms are commonly used to cook homemade meals and add a touch of health to people’s livelihoods. In recent years, people have recognized the natural remedies derived from mushrooms that have added mushrooms to the list of growing products in the health and wellness industry.

Premiums are placed on organic compounds that improve people’s health, and reishi mushrooms rank high on the list of beneficial products. Like other organic mushrooms, reishi can be grounded into a fine powder that can be added to hot beverages. Reishi mushroom powder can help you relax, improve your immune system, inject your body with natural energy, and even boost overall productivity.

You might be asking yourself what exactly is reishi mushroom powder, and how does it provide the described benefits to the body’s immune system? Let’s look into those questions and dig up some helpful answers.


What is Reishi?

Let’s begin with the most straightforward question: what exactly is reishi? As described by WebMD, reishi mushrooms are among several medicinal mushrooms that have been used for centuries in East Asian cultures to treat infections and improve bodily health. It’s also known by the name lingzhi, and it’s been a staple in East Asian medicine for generations. Recently, the benefits of reishi mushroom powder have been studied by scientists and herbal doctors in the western world, which has led to their increasing global popularity.

Reishi mushrooms are a fungus that’s grown on trees in decay, most frequently seen on oak trees. The top of the mushroom has a distinctive reddish orange colour that stands out in wooded environments. The bottom of the mushroom varies in colour, depending on its health and lifespan. Mushrooms with white bottoms are healthy enough to pick and grind up into reishi mushroom powder.


What are reishi mushroom powder benefits

The most common benefit of reishi mushroom powder is the impact on the body’s immune system. When ingested into the body, the powder interacts with white blood cells on a molecular level to improve their natural ability to ward off infections and fight back against cancerous cells.

Due to the effect on the body’s white blood cells, it’s believed that reishi mushroom powder is an organic remedy to treat various forms of cancer. Additional evidence is necessary to conclusively determine if reishi mushrooms are an effective treatment of cancer, but preliminary studies suggest that, in addition to increasing white blood cell activity, reishi powder can improve the quality of one’s life.

Additionally, at least one study sought to find a connection between reishi mushroom powder and improvements for people living with anxiety, depression, and fatigue. The study tested reishi’s effectiveness against symptoms of neurastheniaa condition similar to depression defined by aches, pain, dizziness, and irritability. The results showed reduced fatigue in the majority of test subjects and improvements in their quality of life after only 8 weeks of treatment.


What are reishi mushroom sleep benefits

In addition to the physical health benefits of reishi mushrooms, the powder can also help combat mental stigmas and conditions. Insomniacs understand how difficult it is to function on very few hours of sleep and, thankfully, reishi mushroom powder helps people suffering from sleep deprivation achieve some solid hours in the sack.

Since reishi mushrooms help boost the immune system and improve quality of life, people feel more motivated and capable of handling daily routines. Psychologically, this more uplifting and productive outlook helps reduce stress that weighs on both the body and the mind. Stress is one of the most common causes of insomnia.

Reishi mushroom powder helps reduce stress and, coupled with a boosted immune system, makes it far easier for people in need of sleep to get some shut-eye. More studies are necessary to conclusively prove that reishi has a direct effect on sleep patterns. However, since it is known to relax the body and the mind, it’s safe to assume that more positive sleep habits will result from healthy reishi consumption.


How to use reishi mushroom powder

Once you identify and pick reishi mushrooms from their natural habitat, you want to chop them up into small pieces that are easier to grind. You can use a standard coffee grinder to grind the mushrooms into a fine powder that can be used for your medicinal purposes.

Many reishi mushroom users typically grind the powder and drop it into a tea ball that can be added into a hot cup of tea. The heat from the beverage helps erode some of the tougher molecular elements of the mushroom powder so that it’s easier on your digestive system as you absorb the drink into your body.

With enough powder in hand, you can add it to a daily cup of tea, or stir it into a coffee, once a day for at least a month. This will help you ingest a healthy dose of reishi mushroom powder on a regular basis without adding too much of the powder into your body in a short period of time. You can also save yourself the hassle of chopping the mushrooms into powder by purchasing pre-packaged reishi powder sticks that can be stirred into a hot beverage at your convenience.

The New York Times has a great recipe for how to brew your drink and add the reishi powder in a controlled manner.


Final thoughts

Reishi mushroom powder may be relatively new to western civilization, but it’s a proven remedy from eastern cultures going back hundreds of years. Reishi has the ability to boost your immune system and improve your quality of life, which will benefit your body and your mind with boosted energy throughout the day and restful sleep to get through the night.

In a time when organic foods and substances are all the rage, reishi mushrooms are among the top rated remedies in the health and wellness industry. Organically grown and containing nutrients that improve how white blood cells protect the body from infections, reishi mushroom powder is one of the most natural ways to give your body the protection it deserves.

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