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May 19, 2021 4 min read

As more people become health conscious and take close account of the substances they ingest for better health, the demand for organic compounds continues to rise. Adaptogens have become popular in the health and wellness industry as more people swap traditional remedies, such as caffeine for herbal and dietary supplements for support in energy and brain function.

For many, the use of plant-based mushroom powders like lion’s mane powder can help support long-term cognitive health. Studies have identified lion’s mane mushroom powder as a nootropic, which helps activate and clear the mind for optimal cognitive performance. A rested and grounded mind enables the body to fortify itself with energy and focus to make it through the day.

So what are some of the most common adaptogens for energy and focus, and how can you use them in your everyday healthy routines? Let’s analyze the options and provide some tips.

Types of adaptogens for energy & focus

Traditionally, a large percentage of the global population has relied on coffee to add an energy boost to their day, and focus for the day’s tasks at hand. However, a growing number of coffee lovers are swapping coffee with choice adaptogens for energy and focus to improve their overall health.

Below is a list of some of the most common adaptogens used to support the body’s energy and help the mind remain focused.


Organic mushrooms are some of the most common compounds you can consume to support your overall health and wellbeing. Lion’s mane mushrooms in particular provide a number of benefits to the brain that support your ability to focus and make better use of energy.

Mushrooms have traditionally been used as herbal remedies and consumed in East Asian cultures dating back thousands of years. In recent decades, the benefits of organic mushrooms for both the body and the mind have reached western civilization, culminating in a rising demand for the superfoods to support the growing health and wellness industry.

Many mushrooms, including lion’s mane, also contain adaptogens and other health benefits.‡ This is why mushrooms are and continue to remain a staple in the health and wellness space as a popular choice to consume for energy & focus.*


There are many energizing roots that grow in the wild, and those roots some can be harvested for healthy consumption. Rhodiola is an example of such. Rhodiola is an adaptogen that helps the body respond to physical, chemical, and environmental causes of stressful episodes.

At Rritual, lion’s mane mushroom powder is enhanced with traces of Rhodiola to help you manage stressful moments and enable your immune system to respond to those situations in a healthy way.


Like roots, organic herbs are another popular compound ingested to support overall health. There are many published lists of herbs available for review out there. These resources can help you understand how these ingredients support a healthy immune system and contribute to overall quality of health. Choosing  the herbs that best suit your needs and wants can be a very personal choice depending on what you hope to gain.

Best adaptogens for energy & focus

There is no shortage of adaptogens that you can choose from to support your cognitive performance. But we highly recommend a handful of selections for their potential to support your immune system, improve your body’s energy, and help your mind remain focused.*

Rhodiola root

As we’ve previously mentioned, Rhodiola root helps your body respond to stressful episodes in a healthy way. Rhodiola has been the subject of a number of herbal studies to identify its many underlying health benefits.

According to Brain MD, research into Rhodiola root, has shown the potential to reduce feelings of fatigue, enhance one’s attention, and support healthier mental performance. Additionally, by supporting the body’s energy and the mind’s focus, Rhodiola can potentially help maintain a balanced mood.

Lion's Mane Mushroom

Plant-based lion’s mane mushroom powder is one of many options to support healthy cognitive performance, enhance energy levels, and improve mental focus. Create your own rritual with lion’s mane focus. Add one scoop of lion’s mane powder to a 6 oz cup of tea or decaf coffee to enhance mental capacity and ability to focus. 

One spoonful can begin to help ward off overwhelming thoughts or feelings that inhibit your focus and allow you function with a clear mind. A focused mind can help increase cognitive performance, physical performance, and allow you to complete the tasks you set out to accomplish each and every day. When you establish healthy routines, you will notice an improvement in overall health and quality of life.*

Rhodiola with lion's mane for energy & focus

Rhodiola root improves your ability to ward off fatigue and potentially enhances your mood. Lion’s mane mushroom powder supports your cognitive performance, potentially enhancing your energy and ability to focus. Why not combine the two to receive the best of both?

That’s what you can experience with Rritual. All of our lion’s mane mushroom powders are enhanced with traces of Rhodiola root to support peak cognitive function.

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