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January 05, 2021 3 min read

In recent years, there’s been a great and warranted priority placed on people’s health and wellness. People are becoming more conscious of what they ingest, and are showing an increase in the interest and demand for healthy foods and products.

More people seem to be opting to consume organic foods to increase the vitality of both their bodies and their minds and live more fulfilling and productive lives. One of those foods is lion’s mane mushrooms. Found in many forms including fresh mushrooms as well as organic products such as Rritual’s Lion’s Mane Focus, this mushroom powder can benefit overall brain function.‡ 

What exactly is lion’s mane mushroom powder, and how can it support your long-term cognitive health? Let’s look into those questions.

What is lion’s mane mushroom?

Lion’s mane is a type of mushroom that grows on hardwood trees. It receives its nickname from the white shaggy top of the mushroom that resembles the flow of a lion’s mane. In labs and clinical groups, lion’s mane mushrooms are known asHericium erinaceus, according to WebMD.

Lion’s mane mushrooms have been used traditionally for centuries in East Asian cultures and herbalism. The mushrooms are used in traditional Chinese, Japanese, and other cultural cuisines to add zest to prepared meals and as a vehicle to ingest the benefits of the mushrooms in an organic way.‡ 

As East Asian cultural practices and herbal medicines were adopted into western culture, the demand for organic remedies like lion’s mane mushrooms grew with that rising interest. In particular, plant-based lion’s mane mushroom powder became a very popular product, which has been packaged into powdered mixes and sachets containing rhodiola root adaptogens to help support the body’s cognitive function.‡ 

Benefits of lion’s mane powder

Lion’s mane mushroom powder contains many nutrients that occasionally benefit both the body and the mind. It targets and delivers beneficial compounds that help maintain an already healthy inflammatory response, which is important as we age.‡ 

According to Healthline, lion’s mane mushrooms contain bioactive substances that can support the body’s cognitive function and overall health. Additionally,the mycelial portion of Lion's Mane nourishes and produces the fruiting body, which is a rich source of the unique compounds associated with the mushroom's brain health benefits.‡ 

Lion’s mane brain benefits

Lion’s mane can be enhanced when combined withrhodiola rosea root, an adaptogen that promotes good health and assists with cognitive performance. Professional athletes have used rhodiola to help ward off fatigue, promote physical fitness and endurance, as well as support cognitive function.‡ The Lion’s mane powder produced by Rritual also contains traces of bacopa monnieri, an Ayurvedic herb, included for its ability to maintain healthy brain function.‡ 

How to use lion’s mane mushroom powder

There are two easy ways to make use of lion’s mane mushrooms. One way involves including  the full mushroom in culinary meals, and the other involves adding the powdered form; ground up and extracted from the mushroom itself.

When using the mushroom as part of meal preparation, you can cook lion’s mane in the same manner that you would other mushrooms. You can follow recipes that recommend grilling the mushroom on the barbeque or wrapped in foil and grilled in the oven. This will lock in flavorful spices and marinade sauces into the mushroom’s roots while adding additional tasty layers, all the while locking in the fiber, protein, and nutrients within the mushroom’s white roots.

You can also purchase pre-packaged, plant-based lion’s mane powder, from wellness companies like Rritual Superfoods, and easily add the mixture to a hot beverage of your choice, liking. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of lion’s mane powder without having to do the work of preparing the powder yourself. Once you have it, simply boil hot water or heat up a cup of non-dairy or dairy milk and add one scoop of lion’s mane powder, stirring it to help dissolve the elixir into your beverage. Once it’s ready, you can add it to a cup of tea or add a few lemon droplets into the water for additional flavor, and enjoy!

Final thoughts

Lion’s mane mushroom powder is rooted in oak trees, but it's reach and reputation as a potential boost to the body’s cognitive functions has expanded across the globe. If you’re interested in learning more about lion’s mane powder before you make it part of your regular regimen, you can read up on what to look for when buying lion’s mane.

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