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February 03, 2021 4 min read

As more people become educated about the benefits of organic products to maintain their health and well-being, the demand for mushrooms and adaptogen herbs has grown to new heights. People want to maintain good health while they live physically and mentally fulfilling lives.

A recent growth in confidence in organic products has seen a rise in the consumption of chaga mushrooms. But what is chaga mushroom powder you ask? Chaga mushroom powder is extracted from the raw mushrooms, buffered down into powder form that can be added to a hot cup of water, as well as tea, coffee, or even soup.

That’s a high-level overview of the ease and convenience of using chaga mushroom powder. But how do you prepare it so it’s ready for consumption, and what’s the right amount of chaga to include in your diet as part of a healthy lifestyle? Let’s look into the answers to some of these questions.

First off...what is chaga mushroom powder? 

Chaga is a fungus that’s naturally grown in certain types of birch mushrooms. Natural habitats for chaga are cold, arctic or subarctic climates, such as northern Canada, Russia, or the Scandinavian countries in Europe.

There are also plant-based chaga mushroom powders. These powders may contain adaptogenic herbs, such as eleuthero root, which is a rich source of polysaccharides and other compounds that support the body’s natural immune defenses and help cope with stress. Taken on a regular basis, chaga has the potential to boost healthy immune functions and optimize the body’s digestive process as part of a balanced response to stressful situations.

When to take chaga mushrooms...and when not to

As mentioned above, chaga mushroom powder is most often consumed in a hot beverage. Some people may choose to add chaga into a freshly brewed cup of tea or coffee, while others will add it to a hot cup of water with a light squeeze of lemon for flavor. Since a morning cup of coffee or tea is a regular routine for most people, this is the optimal time to make chaga part of your daily routine.

As an organic substance, chaga is a source of vitamins, minerals, and other natural supplements that can benefit and support the body’s immune system.‡ According to Verywell Health, chaga is a source of vitamins and minerals that help the body manage and respond to stress in a healthy, balanced way,  so you easily adapt to whatever life throws your way.

However, even though it is a superfood, it’s best to manage the daily intake of chaga mushroom powder. It’s best to include approximately 3 grams of chaga mushroom powder in a standard 6-8 ounce glass or mug.‡ Make this part of a daily habit for up to two weeks and notice if there’s any difference in how you cope with stress. As a superfood, chaga supports the body’s natural immune defenses. A healthy immune system can occasionally help both the body and the mind improve how to handle stressful situations.

Chaga mushroom medicinal uses

Chaga has been a traditional staple of East Asian cultural medicine dating back centuries, and growing demand for organic remedies in the western world has brought traditions from the far east to the western hemisphere.

Traditionally, chaga has been used as an organic method of coping with stress. Stress takes a very significant physical, emotional, and psychological toll on both the body and the mind, which can compromise the health and vitality of the immune system.

Chaga is often enhanced with the adaptogen herbs Astragalus and Schisandra berry, which are used to support a healthy immune system. Chaga, when included in modern elixirs by Rritual, is also combined with traces of Eleuthero root, commonly used to help the body adapt to stressful situations to support the health and well-being of the immune system.

Best time to take chaga mushroom

As mentioned, many chaga users will add the powder into a hot cup of coffee or tea. It’s common for many people to have that hot cup first thing in the morning in order to kickstart the day. This is an optimal time to take chaga as it can help offer a healthy boost of energy to prepare for the busy day ahead. A small teaspoon of chaga powder is all that’s required to support your body’s natural immune system.

Ideally, you’ll consume anywhere between one to three cups of chaga-enhanced tea/coffee per day. Have that first cup early in the morning, and then let your regular tea or coffee routine dictate how you consume more chaga. Some people have an additional cup in the morning, while others wait until the afternoon for a midday pick-me-up.

Your own biological factors will help determine the optimal amount of chaga to consume, and at what point in the day you should take it. 

Final thoughts 

Chaga mushroom powder can easily be incorporated into your daily ritual. Chaga helps support the body’s response to inflammation and provides a boost to healthy immunity. When purchased from trusted vendors like Rritual, who ensure chaga products contain only scientifically proven super ingredients, you can easily add chaga to any hot beverage for easy consumption.‡ 

In the end, we hope you don’t forget that chaga can occasionally help your mind and your body cope with the physical and psychological effects of stressful situations. Taken as part of a healthy diet, chaga may help feelings of stress that in turn, will support the immune system and enable it to maintain a strong and healthy function.

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