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October 17, 2020 4 min read

Chaga mushrooms have become a well-known product within the health and wellness industry. When grounded down into chaga mushroom powder, it can be consumed by adding it to a hot beverage like warm non-dairy or dairy milk, brewed tea, and even smoothie.

Certified chaga vendors sell powders in a variety of forms. Typically, people will purchase standard powder mix, stored in a small container, and available to add into tea, coffee, or any other drink that, once consumed, allows the body to relax. Additionally, people can purchase elixir sticks that help with stress and anxiety, as well as elixir sachets that provide a boost to the body’s immune system.* You can trust that the products contain only organic ingredients by purchasing them from a certified online chaga vendor, like Rritual Superfoods.

We’ve established that chaga is available to purchase and consume in a number of ways. But what’s the ideal daily dose of chaga to promote health and wellness? Let’s look into what some of the experts recommend.

 First of all, what is chaga and where does it come from?

Chaga is a natural organic fungus that’s grown on birch trees, typically in colder northern climates like Canada, Russia, Eastern Europe, and Northern Asia. Chagais a mushroom that has been wild-crafted and consumed for centuries in hot tea to help support a healthy immune system and overall wellness.*Today, there is a body of research which has identified Chaga to contain novel compounds that help to support and maintain a healthy immune response.*

Chaga has been used for centuries in East Asian cultures as a natural remedy to boost the body’s healthy  immune system.* Over time, interest in chaga extended westward where it’s now one of the preferred ingredients consumed  to support energy levels, reduce anxiety, and promote healthy active lifestyles.*Rritual selected a pure, US farmed Chaga mushroom mycelia powder cultured on organic whole oats to provide a full spectrum of antioxidants and other health-promoting compounds that are unique to Chaga.

There’s also a great research paper entitled  “Chaga and Other Fungal Resources” that describes where chaga is sourced, how it’s used in over-the-counter products, and growing interest in using its organic properties for the health and wellbeing of people.

How much chaga powder per day is healthy?

Dating back to historic periods in East Asia, chaga has been part of a regular dietary regimen to support healthy immune systems and overall physical and mental well-being.* But what is the optimal amount of chaga to take as part of a daily healthy regime?

Research suggests that the optimal dosage for individual users depends on a variety of biological factors, including age, health, body mass, and any preexisting conditions that could influence the immune system. Naturally, a person in the prime of their life with a healthy immune system will be able to tolerate higher doses of chaga than someone who is a young child or a senior citizen.*

Best way to take chaga mushroom powder

Since chaga powder is extracted from mushrooms grown in the wild, the powder itself must be made ready for easy consumption. The easiest way to consume chaga mushroom powder is to boil a hot cup of water to brew a fresh cup of tea. A hot cup of regular water is also a preferred way to drink chaga powder.

Once the water is boiled and the tea bag is added into a typical 6oz cup, add one spoonful of chaga mushroom powder into the cup and stir briskly until the contents of the powder dissolve into the liquid. This enables the body to absorb the powder into the digestive system where it can then support the immune system.*

You can purchase pre-packaged chaga mushroom powder from sites like Rritual that provide plant-based powders to help people support healthy lifestyles. The powders come in the form of 150g canisters or in packets containing 14 stick packs that amount to one full scoop of chaga mushroom powder that can be added into your drink of choice.

 When is the best time to drink chaga tea?

Chaga powder is often added to hot water, tea, and even a cup of coffee. In some instances, people will add chaga powder to a smoothie by adding a scoop of powder into the blender with all of the other ingredients used to make that smoothie.

You can set a daily dose commitment based on how much tea or coffee you consume in a typical day. Most people have between one and three cups per day so use that as a benchmark when you start adding chaga into your daily routine. Start with one spoonful of chaga so that you can test the effects on your body. If you find that the dose is insufficient, you can increase the dosage and judge the effectiveness.

Many people have a morning cup of tea or coffee to kick off their day with another in the afternoon to make it through the rest of the work schedule. Tea is also very popular in the evening for people who use certain brews to help them go to sleep. Taking chaga with a hot cup at any of these common times should help you achieve your health and wellness goals.*

Final thoughts

As people become more educated about the products ingested into the body, there’s a growing demand for products that support healthy active lifestyles. Taken as part of a regular dietary regimen, chaga can help support the body’s energy and healthy immune system.*

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