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December 10, 2020 4 min read

Health and wellness are extremely important to people’s overall well-being, especially in the age of the coronavirus pandemic with strict quarantine and social distancing protocols. It falls upon each individual to look out for their own health and best interests, and one of the ways to do so is to ingest natural and organic compounds into the body.

One of the ways to promote relaxation, mental acuity, and physical energy is through chaga mushrooms. These mushrooms have been used as a natural remedy for centuries in East Asian cultures, and they’ve now gained popularity in the western world. People who use chaga mushrooms grate them down into a fine powder that can be added to foods and beverages, most commonly used to brew tea. Once the powder is mixed into these teas and ingested into the body, it will boost the immune system to improve physical and mental health. 

Now, you may ask yourself: what exactly is chaga mushroom powder and how does it improve your health? That’s what we’re going to take a look at in this post.


What is chaga

According to WebMD, Chaga is acharcoal-looking mushroom that grows on birch trees. Typically, it’s grown in cold, northern climates like Canada, Russia, and the Scandinavian countries of Europe. Chaga has long been revered in Eastern cultures for its ability to maintain and optimize immune health.* At Rritual, we honor this tradition and enhance Chaga’s benefits by combining it with Eleuthero root, an adaptogenic herb known to help the body manage and respond to stress in a healthy, balanced way.*


What is chaga mushroom powder

Chaga mushroom powder is derived from its mushroom origins. The mushrooms are ground down into a fine powder that contains various nutrients and stimulators that help support the body’s immune system.*Rritual powder elixirs  are made exclusively with the whole mycelium,grown on either gluten-free whole oats or organic brown rice, which are excellent sources of nutrients and fiber.Mycelium provides you with all the beneficial bioactive compounds and metabolites only mushrooms contain.*

Chaga mushroom powder is packaged and sold in a wide array of products that can be purchased as needed. Make sure you purchase chaga mushroom products from a trusted and respected vendor. You want to ensure that the products you consume contain only purposeful and organic ingredients that help you meet the demands of modern life.

Now, you may ask yourself: what exactly is chaga mushroom powder and how does it improve your health? That’s what we’re going to take a look at in this post.


Chaga mushroom powder benefits

There are a number of health related benefits that come from chaga mushrooms, but there’s another interesting tidbit about chaga that increases its value in the minds of many. According to The Huffington Post, chaga is one of the most antioxidant-rich foods in the world, second only to...chocolate.

Antioxidants are molecules within the body that support the immune system by fighting against compounds known as free radicals.* Free radicals, if allowed to become too high within the body, can cause illnesses as serious  diseases as described in the healthline article above.*

Due to its antioxidant properties, Chaga supports the body’s ability to ward off free radicals.* Additionally, Chaga also contains traces of betualin, a compound thatsupports overall body health.*

 Chaga mushrooms and the immune system

Chaga mushroom powder helps the body maintain a healthy immune system, whichis the foundation to maintaining optimal health and mental fitness.* At Rritual, we honor the traditions of Chaga therapy with plant-based herbs, including the Eleuthero root, astragalus root, and schisandra berries. These are all examples of traditional Asian botanicals consumed for their ability to maintain health of the respiratory and immune systems.*


How to use chaga mushroom powder

Chaga is most commonly purchased as a powder either throughonline accredited vendors or through health and nutrition retail stores. You can then apply the chaga powder to a drink of your choosing to ingest the mushroom fungus into your body and maintain the overall health and well-being of your immune system.*

Due to its birch roots, chaga is best consumed in a hot beverage like tea, coffee, or even a hot cup of water. The heat from the liquid of choice dissolves the powder, enabling it to mix smoothly into the drink for easy consumption. Once the liquid enters your digestive system, the effects of chaga can circulate through the body and help maintain immune health.*

You also have the option topurchase pre-made chaga sticks that can be easily dissolved . Since this work is already complete, you can dissolve the components in a liquid and drink these beverages hot or cold and your body will process it just fine.

 Final thoughts

The health and wellness space is a booming industry as more people choose to consume natural and organic products to improve their body’s overall health. Chaga mushroom powder is an easy way to maintain your body’s immune system, which is the key to promoting good physical and mental health.*

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