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February 03, 2021 4 min read

Lion’s mane is full, white, rugged, long-haired mushroom (which somewhat resembles a lion’s mane), grown most commonly in Northern parts of the United States and Asia. Used in traditional Eastern medicine for hundreds of years, this fascinating, powerful mushroom also has a stimulating nerve growth factor (NGF) on the brain. Meaning this mushroom can be used to support growth and survival of new neurons. 

Lion’s Mane also supports an optimum, high-functioning immune system and stimulates healthy digestion. However, it is known to beespecially proactive with neuronal health benefits. These benefits are also connected to supporting overall brain health, cognitive functioning, and can help to regulate mood and stress levels.

If you’re wonderinghow to use lion’s mane mushroom powder or how to integrate this superfood into your daily routine, this article will discuss various mushroom taking methods, helpful facts and recommendations. 

How to Take Lion's Mane Mushroom Powder

There are three main different ways to consume lion’s mane mushrooms:

  • Eat the mushrooms whole or cook with them

  • In Chinese medicine, the mushrooms can be consumed and enjoyed raw, cooked, dried or soaked in water - usually to be consumed as a tea. You can cook the mushrooms themselves by frying them, grilling them, boiling them or baking them. You could even try marinating them or sauteing them with spices for added flavour. The difficulty here: unless you live where these mushrooms grow in abundance, you might have a difficult time finding them.

  • Add powdered mushrooms to tea, smoothies or shakes

  • If you’re not sure how to use lion’s mane mushroom powder- a powdered mix is the easiest and most versatile option. You can add this mix to hot water and enjoy as a warm beverage, or stir in with a smoothie, post-workout shake or soup.

  • Take in supplement form

  • Lion’s mane supplement capsules are a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of the mushroom without hassle. Quick, easy and on the go. The only downside for some people is that the absorption may lose its potency due to the hard shell casing. 

    Still not entirely sure how to use lion’s mane mushroom powder? We recommend adding one scoop of powdered Lion’s Mane Mix into your favourite mug and mixing with hot water, before adding in your morning tea or coffee to start off with. The same concept can be applied with a Lion’s Mane Elixir Stick or Sachet, which are designed to be a little more ‘on the go’ - great for travelling, or busy mornings.

    Lion's Mane Mushrooms Medicinal Uses

    Packed with health benefiting compounds and chemicals - ‘hericium erinaceus’ (the scientific name for lion’s mane) is used as a powerful antioxidant and nervous system repair worker.

    Though clinical research is still largely being tested and investigated, animal and anecdotal studies have shown promising results for lion’s mane mushrooms to be used to treat more serious illnesses such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, anxiety, depression and high cholesterol, inflammatory-related issues.

    The studies which have been conducted have shown it is possible lion’s mane can help aid cognitive impairment. One study in particular demonstrated the mushroom working against the placebo effect, showing a significant improvement in cognitive tests given to 30 adults suffering from cognitive deficits over a 16 week period.

    How Much Lion's Mane Powder Should I Take?

    Another common question which often sprouts when decipheringhow to use lion's mane mushroom powder, is how much lion’s mane powder should one take - exactly. The quantity of your ‘dosage’ or number of powdered scoops will somewhat depend on your reasons for wanting to try lion’s mane initially. For general wellbeing, improved cognitive functioning and an immune system boost, for example, you’ll need less than if you wanted to try lion’s mane for a more serious neurological condition such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson’s.

    How much you should take will also depend on your age, size, and general sensitivity to new substances. You should have a good idea of how sensitive you are to new substances or medication from previous experiences. 

    We suggest experimenting with one large scoop of lion’s mane powdered mix to begin with. If you’re not sure yet on the best way to try it out, dust a scoop into your favourite mug, and mix with hot water, before adding in your regular coffee or tea bag. Kick back, relax, sip and enjoy.

    Do this daily over a two week period and see if you start noticing a difference. You can always increase to one-two scoops later. An average dosage of lion’s mane is around 1000mg per day. To eradicate any potential feelings of nausea, we suggest it is best to enjoy your beverage alongside breakfast or lunch.

    When to Take Lion's Mane Mushroom

    What time of day is best for absorbing your lion’s mane is another key question which commonly arises with the ‘how’ to use lion's mane mushroom powder. Due to the association between lion’s mane and enhanced cognitive functioning, it’s good to think of your lion’s mane supplement much like an energy boost, or an aid for productivity - similar to the reasons why you might enjoy your morning cup of coffee. It helps you feel energised, more alert and focussed. We suggest mixing your powder or elixir anytime from morning until early afternoon for best results.

    We also recommend taking lion’s mane on a consistent basis. Much like using any other herbal supplement, or other medicinal mushroom mix, the health benefiting effects will take a little bit of time to build up in your system. In most cases, medicinal mushrooms will take around two weeks before you may start noticing a difference.

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