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March 22, 2021 4 min read

Chaga mushrooms are a pure and organic source of healthy vitamins and minerals know to support the body’s health and wellbeing.* Chaga is useful for supporting the body’s natural immune system and maintain a healthy response to stress.*

Chaga has its roots in colder, drier climates of the Arctic, northern Canada, Russia, and Scandinavian Europe. The vitamins and minerals within the charcoal-like mushroom have been extracted for generations in East Asian cultures. The mushrooms are ground into a fine powder and added to hot beverages, like tea or coffee, to naturally ingest the herbal benefits into the body, enabling overall vitality and health.*

Given that Chaga contains many organic compounds that benefit the body’s functions, it is traditionally consumed to further support the body’s ability to adapt and manage stress which is vital for strong immune health.* But what is it about chaga that’s so healthy, and when is the best time of day to drink chaga tea? Let’s look into that.

Facts about chaga mushrooms

Chaga mushrooms traditionally grow on birch trees in colder climates. They have been a popular commodity for herbal medicine and natural vitamins in East Asian cultures for centuries. Thanks in part to globalization and greater demand for natural foods, chaga mushrooms have become more popular in western cultures, to support bodily health functions and optimize immune health.

Chaga is often ground into a fine powder prior to consumption. Many people don’t like the taste of raw mushrooms, and the powder contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals with none of the raw mushroom taste. That’s why pre-packaged chaga mushroom powder is such a valuable commodity as it provides the health benefits of chaga with none of the work to grind up the mushrooms into the powder. Rritual Mushroom and Adaptogen Enhanced Elixirs are made with only the purest, organic mushrooms and botanicals, and without any added sugars, sweeteners or flavors to allow for easy integration and personalization in daily diet and wellness routines.  

Benefits of drinking chaga mushroom tea

Adding chaga powder to a freshly brewed cup of tea is one of the most popular ways to consume chaga’s nutrients into the body. Some chaga users will also add powder to other beverages like coffee, lemonade, or a hot cup of water. It can also be taken as a standalone herbal supplement.

There are many benefits to drinking chaga mushroom tea. One of the more important is that the vitamins and minerals within the powder are absorbed into the hot water and contents of the brewed tea, allowing the body to absorb the nutrients with each sip of the beverage.* 

Since it contains such a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, chaga is a superfood that, once ingested into the body, can help keep immune defenses robust and healthy during periods of stress and support digestive health.* Research indicates that a healthy digestive system supports a healthy immune system, with mutual benefits.* 

Secondly, chaga is a dried fungus with a charcoal-like appearance and a thick composition. There’s a rigid toughness to chaga, even when ground into powder form. The heat from a hot cup of tea breaks down the toughness of the powder so that the body’s digestive system can absorb and process, while optimizing immune health and support the body’s stress response. 

How much chaga tea should you drink

Chaga is a mushroom long revered in Eastern cultures for being rich in healthy vitamins and minerals, and it’s ability to optimize body functions and health.* Since chaga has a thick and rigid structure it is best when combined in small batch elixirs such as the Rritual Enhanced Elixir powder, where it is best consumed in recommended amounts that contain an Immune - Synergy Mushroom blend for whole body support.*

So when is the best time to drink chaga tea? Best practices from WebMD offer a quick guide on how to brew a cup of chaga infused tea. Their advice recommends that one to two spoonfuls of chaga powder should be added to a cup of tea for effective use. At Rritual, we highly recommend a 3 gram (0.1 ox) serving available in single serve packs or one scoop th help maintain healthy defenses, even during periods of stress.*

When to drink chaga tea

Chaga is caffeine free, which means it won’t affect your ability to sleep or function throughout the day.* Chaga can be consumed throughout the day, mixed in hot water or warm non-dairy or dairy milk,  in your favorite smoothie, protein shake or recipe. 

Many enjoy consuming in hot water as a nutritive tea, as part of their regular daily tea-drinking habits and rituals. Most people will drink between one to three cups of tea per day, while some regularly consume between three to four cups per day. It’s unwise to drink too much tea on any given day if it contains caffeine or tannins due to the implications it can have on your body.*

How often can you drink chaga tea

Given the recommendations of how often to drink tea on a given day, those same guidelines will help you establish a healthy routine to consume chaga. For example, if your daily habit is to have two cups of tea per day, you can add one to two scoops of chaga mushroom powder in each of those cups to receive your daily dose of healthy nutrients.*

A cup first thing in the morning or late in the evening are some of the best times to drink chaga tea to provide additional support for a healthy immune and stress response.* Chaga Immune Elixir will help you manage and adapt to whatever curve ball life throws your way.* It can also help support first line defenses and strengthen your inner warrior.*

Final thoughts

Chaga mushroom powder in a hot cup of tea can be part of a daily rritual that helps your body receives a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals to support a healthy immune system. It’s a pure and organic way to ingest those vital nutrients into the body.* By adding the powder to a cup of tea you already plan to drink, it can easily become part of a regular routine.

Before you do start taking chaga, you should mention your plans to your family doctor. While there are no side effects to the body, chaga may occasionally interact with how the body processes any medications you take for health conditions.* Your doctor will have a better understanding of how chaga may impact those medications. 

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