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March 22, 2021 3 min read

Chaga and reishi are both packed with a wide range of beta-glucans and antioxidant properties. An interesting aspect of superfood mushrooms is their ability to be blended together well.* Like a power couple, their potency and strengths can be amplified by interweaving in union.

Reishi’s positive effects on stress support, balanced mood and blissful sleep are often the most commonly highlighted benefits.* However, reishi can also support areas such as gut health and digestion, depending on what it is combined with.*

Chaga mushrooms are bountiful in a versatile spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D, fibre, copper, zinc, iron, magnesium, amino acids, calcium and selenium to name a few.

With this type of antioxidants packed in, chaga mushrooms provide support for healthy immune function, a balanced response to stress and optimal digestive function.* According to sources such as the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal, Chaga has occasionally been used to treat some health issues, such as chronic inflammation, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.*

Can you take Chaga and Reishi together?

The short answer is yes. Chaga is more commonly known as providing a boost to a healthy immune system, while reishi has been known to create a more relaxing effect on the mind and body.*  However, by blending the two mushrooms, you are enabling them to work together in harmony. Taking the best of both - an energy recharge, with calming agents and a boost of health benefiting properties from both plants.*

Mushrooms have a synergistic effect. In other words, the compounds of each mushroom will support one another.* If you’re deciding between the two, ‘should I take reishi or chaga’ as well as wondering ‘can I take chaga and reishi together?’. This will depend on your reasons for wanting to try the mushrooms in the first place, and which is more suitable for your needs. 

As both reishi and chaga are adaptogenic herbal remedies, they help your body to adapt, recalibrate and adjust as and when needed. Depending on your environment and what your body is requiring. In this sense, both reishi and chaga can be consumed at any time of the day. However, typically chaga is consumed earlier in the day than reishi, as reishi is best to ease your way into a deep quality night’s sleep.

How much Chaga should I take?

There are a variety of biological factors which may determine how much chaga you should aim to be taking - including age, health, body mass, and any previous health conditions which may impact the immune system.*

We suggest trying one scoop of Rritual Chaga Mushroom Mix or one Elixir Stick per day to see if you notice a difference over a two week period. You can always increase to one-two scoops per over time, to experiment with an intensified result.

Can I take chaga and reishi together now? Yes, you can. Again, this is really determined independently, however, we suggest trying either half a scoop of chaga and half a scoop of reishi, or one of each for a couple of weeks before increasing.

How much Reishi powder should I take?

How much reishi mushroom you should take will also, naturally, depend on your personal tolerance to new substances, your overall health, your weight and your age.* Much like chaga, it will also largely depend on what you are taking the reishi for, exactly.

Similarly to Chaga, if you’re new, we recommend starting off with one scoop of Rritual Reishi Mushroom Mix or one Elixir Stick per day, or even every other day - and see if you notice a difference over a two week period. If your body is sensitive, this might be enough for you to start noticing the benefits. You can always increase to one-two scoops per day over time.

So, to round up, the answer to ‘can I take chaga and reishi together’ is - yes! Whether you’re interested in trying reishi or chaga, or both, this will also depend on whether you are sampling these superfood mushrooms to support the body’s natural immune defenses and maintain a healthy response to stress or benefit from the body-strengthening properties.* For example, one scoop, or one elixir stick per day is enough to reap the healing benefits if you are interested in reishi or chaga for general better functioning.

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