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February 03, 2021 4 min read

Naturally-grown mushrooms have become a staple of healthy lifestyles in recent years. Long used in East Asian cultures and cuisines to calm the body and relax the mind, the demand for medicinal mushrooms like reishi mushrooms expanded into the west as part of a global movement towards more natural and organic food consumption habits.

Reishi mushrooms are full of natural vitamins and minerals that improve the health of both the body and the mind. For those that don’t like the taste of whole mushrooms, reishi mushroom powder is a ground up alternative that provides all of the nutrients without the mushroom taste. Today, people choose to purchase reishi mushroom powder from certified vendors that promise balance to bodily functions and assistance in controlling the harmful effects of stress.

But how does one go about using reishi mushroom powder? What are some easy and healthy ways to prepare healthy foods with the right dosage of reishi powder? Let’s look into some of the options on the table.


What is reishi mushroom powder good for

First of all, what exactly is reishi mushroom powder good for, and how does it improve your overall quality of health?

Reishi mushrooms help relax the mind, and are especially good for coping with stressful situations. People who struggle with insomnia can enjoy more restful nights of sleep by making reishi mushroom powder part of their daily routine. The mushrooms also improve sluggish metabolisms, and they can even provide a natural boost to the body’s immune system.

According to WebMD, people take reishi mushroom powder for a number of physical conditions and ailments, including:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Cancers
  • Chemotherapy treatments


How much reishi mushroom powder to take

Despite their organic roots and high concentrations of natural vitamins and minerals, there are reasonable questions about how much reishi mushroom powder is safe to take. The optimal dosage depends largely on your biological conditions.

For example, reishi has been used to help treat migraine headaches for people who suffer from those conditions. In a Malaysian study at the MARA Institute of Technology, doctors determined that a dose of 1500mg of reishi mushroom powder was an effective way to prevent the worst symptoms of the migraines.

In another study, this one led by a team of scientists testing reishi’s ability to extend the lifespan of mice - a study published in Life Extension as a preliminary trial for human testing - scientists conducted a three year study on healthy middle-aged laboratory mice. Using regular doses of 175mg of reishi powder, equivalent to 1,050mg for an average adult human, the mice that received the reishi powder were reported to live an additional 148 days beyond their normal lifespan. 

This study was an eye-opening demonstration of the effects of immunosenescence treatments as an opportunity for potential longer lifespans, though a full human trial is still necessary to determine if reishi mushrooms have any real impact on life longevity.


How to prepare reishi mushroom powder

There are several ways to prepare reishi mushroom powder for regular ingestion. While there are complex homemade remedies to make use of the mushrooms and extract the nutrient-rich powder from their cores, we recommend more straightforward methods that make it easy to consume reishi powder on a daily basis.

First, you can venture out into cold northern climates where the mushrooms are known to grow and pick them naturally from the ground. Once you bring them home, you can use a hand grinder to extract the powder from the mushrooms. Collect the powder into a small cup or tin can that you can then stir into a hot beverage for consumption when the time is right.

Secondly, you can save yourself the manual labor and purchase reishi mushroom powder that’s already ground up and ready for consumption. These prepackaged powders come in reishi canisters or coffee/tea stix that can be scooped into a hot drink with a simple opening of the package.

Finally, you can also cook homemade meals with reishi mushroom powder by following a number of creative recipes. These range from adding the powder to a healthy smoothie to including it in a recipe for bolognese sauce for a delicious hot meal.


When to take reishi mushroom powder

When and how you should take reishi mushroom powder depends, in part, on your body mass and overall level of health.

Naturally, people who have larger bodies can tolerate higher quantities of reishi compared to people with smaller bodies. Age is also a prominent factor. Young children and senior citizens generally have lower tolerances and weaker immune systems than people who are in the prime of their lives. Therefore, age, body mass, and overall health are key factors influencing reishi powder dose size and frequency.

Doctors recommend that people consume between 1g to 1.5g of reishi mushroom powder on any given day in order to consume the healthy nutrients without overstraining the body’s natural digestive system. This dosage can be taken in one fell swoop, or broken up into smaller doses portioned out throughout different times of the day.

Since reishi powder is most commonly consumed in a hot tea or coffee, it may be best to time when you ingest the powder around when you have your hot drink of choice. Many people start their days with a fresh cup of tea or coffee, which can be all the more nutritious with a healthy scoop of reishi powder. A second cup in the afternoon can also be improved with a dose of reishi.


Final thoughts

Reishi mushroom powder is fairly easy to use and offers both physical and mental health benefits to your well-being. By making reishi a regular part of your dietary habits, you can enjoy a more calm, relaxing, and healthy frame of mind.

However, before you start taking reishi powder, speak with your primary doctor about your intentions. Reishi mushrooms are safe for consumption, but the powder may negate the effects of any medications that you could be on. Your doctor will have a better idea of whether the powder will interrupt ongoing treatments, and you’ll also receive a more medically informed opinion on the proper dose for your specific needs.

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