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July 08, 2021 4 min read

The health and wellness industry is booming with new and often repurposed products designed to support your body’s overall well-being. Growing demand for more organic and clean living has inspired people to become better educated about the products they consume. They often seek out health-conscious items that can support their immune systems.

More recently, there has been an increased popularity in organic ingredients, superfoods, healthy botanicals and adaptogen mushrooms. The interest doesn’t just stop at the foods themselves, but has been extended to the use of many popular plant-based and powdered supplements containing these ingredients. 

While we agree that mushrooms are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and often antioxidants that support the immune system, we recognize that ingesting them in natural form isn't’ always ideal. Which explains why more people are investing in powder form, to easily reap the benefits of mushrooms with one healthy spoonful of powder. Frequently, users add one spoonful to their morning cup of coffee, tea, smoothie, or other beverage of choice.

In addition to mushrooms, there’s growing evidence that products like purple yams, or ube, can also improve your body’s overall health.  This article will look into some of the benefits of purple yam, and why you should consider making it part of your daily health ritual.

What is purple yam?

Purple yams have been used in traditional Filipino cooking recipes dating back generations. Over time, it became commonly used in cuisine all across Asia as more people became accustomed to the sweet and nutty flavors of purple yams. In recent years, the popularity for purple yams has become a global phenomenon.

The name purple yams describes the coloring that lies beneath the brown, bark-like skin of its exterior. While its exterior is very rough, the yam itself is very soft, ranging in color from white to a deep lilac.

Purple yams are very popular in desserts due to their sweet taste. Typically, purple yams can be used foreither grated frozen roots, powder, flavor extract, or jam, all of which are very popular across much of Asia and, increasingly, the entire world.

What is ube halaya

Ube halaya is a sweetened jam curated from purple yams. It’s prepared by boiling and mashing purple yams and adding condensed milk, butter, and occasionally coconut milk into the mix.

Ube is another name for purple yams, and it’s defined as a tuberous root vegetable. Unlike perceptions of most vegetables, ube is a very sweet and delicious experience for the senses that enhances the quality and taste of family favorite treats.

Since it's rooted in the earth, ube has the potential to contain traces of adaptogens that can support your overall health.  This is similar to mushrooms that have adaptogenic compounds capable of supporting the immune system, assisting with cognitive function, and helping the body adapt to stressful situations throughout life.

Among the popular adaptogens you’ll find within mushroom powders are ones like ashwagandha root, which has been used traditionally as an adaptogen for over 2,500 years across East Asian cultures to enhance stamina and relieve stress. At Rritual, traces of ashwagandha are found within our reishi mushroom powders, adding greater merit to the mushroom’s claim to the title of “the mushroom of immortality.”

Purple yam (ube) health benefits

Now that we’ve established that purple yams are sweet, delicious, and rich in adaptogenic properties, what are the underlying health benefits of ube and ube halaya? Right off the top, ube can be a source of nutrients.‡ According to Healthline, one cup of cooked ube, which is approximately 100 grams, can contain concentrations of good carbohydrates, potassium, and even vitamin C.

Rich in adaptogens

One of the most important health benefits of ube is that they contain antioxidants.Purple yam has concentrations of an adaptogen known as anthocyanins, a type of compound with the potential to support the immune system and ward off health conditions.

Adaptogens have many underlying health benefits, and they’re often used to further support the organic health compounds found in products like purple yams or mushroom powders. For example, chaga mushroom powder contains traces of astragalus root and schisandra berry,an immune-super duo which help maintain the body’s natural defenses.

In general, adaptogens are great supplements to support your body’s immune system and adapt to stressful episodes in life.‡ Some adaptogens are even great for supporting your energy levels, enabling you to be more productive and endure for longer periods of time.

Supports overall health

As a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and adaptogens, purple yams have the potential to benefit your health for long-lasting periods of time. Eating a balanced diet with purple yams can help with overall health, body weight and maintenance of good cholesterol levels.

The old saying, “you are what you eat” has never been more true. With more information available, we are learning that the foods we consume can impact our overall health, energy, and our ability to retain cognitive performance. Foods that are rich in adaptogens can provide the underlying benefits necessary to keep our bodies and our minds grounded and focused on what’s best for our paths ahead.

Add purple yams to any number of delicious dishes

Since purple yams have a natural sweet taste, they’re great additions to any number of foods you can make as part of your dietary regimen. Similar to mushroom powders, you can add a small trace of ube to any meal and further enhance the taste and quality of your food.

Ube can be used sporadically in recipes or as part of a regular routine. Again, this is very similar to mushroom powders. In fact, there are a number of recipes you can follow that  when cooking with lion’s mane mushroom powder to support brain health as you chow down that would also complement purple yam.

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