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July 01, 2021 4 min read

Dry skin is an issue for millions of people. In most cases, dry skin is a fairly minor affliction with little effect on your overall health and well-being. The atmosphere around you often contributes to dry skin, such as moisture in the air (too hot or cold), or if you’ve spent an excessive amount of time soaking in hot water.

There are a few typical signs and symptoms of dry skin. Though it’s most common to occur during the winter months, it could persist year long as a result of:

  • age
  • quality of health
  • Personal environment and home
  • Amount of time spent outdoors

So what causes your skin to stay so dry all the time? And what are some potential remedies to help minimize the effects of dry skin so that you can maintain a better quality of life? This article will answer some of those questions for you.

What can cause dry skin?

Medical News Today attributes the weather as one of the most common causes of dry skin for many people. Cold, dry conditions that persist for long periods of time can cause the moisture in the skin to dry out, making it susceptible to the symptoms of dry skin. Similar outcomes can occur for people who take long hot showers or baths and even exposure to chemical irritants.

Were you aware that some of your personal care and house cleaning products could be contributing to skin health? Strong hygiene products like deodorant and exposure to cleaning products are also some of the most common causes of dry skin found in the home. In addition to being aware of what we put on our skin, it is important to check the ingredient labels on any products you purchase for cleaning and your personal environment  that could be exposed to your skin to ensure you don’t accidentally cause a breakout.

Collagen powder skin benefits

Collagen is a protein that organically occurs within the body, and one of its prime responsibilities is to help maintain the health and vitality of the skin. Collagen is a valuable protein, and it’s why collagen powders have become so popular in the health and wellness space.

Collagen powders are supplements to support the body’s own production of collagen. They provide an additional dose of collagen for the body, which further supports the health of the skin.‡ According to leading dermatologists, collagen powder can help prevent the skin from sagging and enable it to maintain a youthful healthy glow.

Supporting adaptogens for skin health

In addition to collagen powders, there are a number of supportive adaptogens that have similar potential to benefit the skin and are plant powered. Similar to collagen powder many of these adaptogens are found within plant-based mushroom powders that can be added into a morning cup of coffee, tea, smoothie, sports drink, or other beverage of choice. One spoonful is suggested to give you a healthy dose of adaptogens, vitamins, minerals, and other potential health benefits derived from mushrooms.

Ashwagandha benefits for skin

Ashwagandha is an organic herb used in alternative herbal practices dating back generations in East Asian cultures. It helpssupport the body’s response to stressful situations, maintain brain function, and even support the body and the mind’s responses to stressful situations.

However, ashwagandha also assists with the body’s production of natural skin oils that help skin maintain  health and moisture. The body’s ability to produce important proteins and compounds, like collagen, can be further supplemented with a dose of ashwagandha to support healthy skin throughout the body.

Astragalus benefits for skin

Astragalus root is also an adaptogen that helps strengthen the body’s life force and energy. In addition to maintaining overall health, it can be used to support the body’s immune system and maintain healthy responses to stressful episodes.

When paired with chaga mushroom powder, astragalus has the potential to support the youthful glow of the skin. As an adaptogen, astragalus supports the health benefits derived from chaga mushroom powder that regulate the immune system, help enable cognitive performance, and allow the skin to remain youthful and moisturized.

Chaga benefits for skin

Chaga is a mushroom that has been wild-crafted and consumed for centuries in Eastern Europe, Asia as a hot tea to help support a strong immune system and overall health.‡ Chaga contains novel compounds that help to support and maintain a healthy immune response, which can sometimes support white blood cell production.

Chaga can also come in skin care products that allow you to apply it topically to areas of your skin that are prone to dry skin outbreaks. Chaga contains traces of kojic acid, which is a superfood that helps to nourish the skin and help it maintain a healthy glow.* Of course, you can also add a spoonful into a drink of your choice and consume the mushroom powder to ingest the desired benefits into your body.

Reishi mushroom benefits for skin

Known traditionally as “the mushroom of immortality,” reishi is a functional mushroom that contains adaptogenic properties to support your health. Reishi helps the body respond to stress, and it’s especially revered for its ability to calm the nerves and mind, helping you to stay centered.

Additionally, reishi mushroom powder can be very hydrating for the body. It also helps to synthesize ceramide, a protective layer which runs over your skin to help keep the skin moisturized, youthful, and maintain the appearance of  a healthy glow.

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