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April 19, 2022 4 min read

If you’re looking for where to buy Reishi mushrooms, we have some bad news: Reishi mushrooms can be difficult to find and buy fresh, in part because they spoil so quickly once they’ve been harvested. They become rubbery and difficult to manipulate within just hours of harvest. Fresh Reishi is typically dried within a couple of days not only because they will go bad rapidly, but also because they are not generally eaten due to their tough texture which is much woodier than other types of edible mushrooms. Unlike Lion’s Mane mushrooms which can be used for cooking in a variety of ways, Reishi mushrooms are best made into tea from the dried mushrooms to enjoy all the health benefits associated with this superfood.


What is Reishi mushroom?

Typically found at the base of hardwood trees, Reishi mushrooms are a white parasitic fungus that grows in North America (central Canada and the North-East United States) in late Spring to early Fall, as well as in warmer regions like Asia and the South Pacific.

Reishi mushrooms can look slightly different from each other depending on the species, but typically all have a white outer ring surrounding a glossy reddish cap and stem. Known as a staple in Eastern cultures, Reishi mushrooms have been associated with a variety of benefits, from supporting gut health to providing hydration for the skin.* They are perhaps most well-known for supporting a healthy immune system and for helping to balance mood and facilitate a sense of inner harmony. Taoist monks have revered Reishi mushrooms for centuries for their zen-like properties.


Reishi mushroom taste[CM1] 

Do you know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, if the cover is the tough and woody texture of the Reishi mushroom, you might be surprised to learn that the taste is equally unpleasant. 

Reishi tastes best when made into a powder, which can oftentimes contain additional ingredients to enhance the benefits of the Reishi mushroom while also masking some of the flavors. For example,Rritual’s Reishi Relax elixir includes ashwagandha and cacao to impart a balance of dark chocolate, floral notes, and soothing cinnamon.

Naturally very bitter and earthy, Reishi is definitely not consumed for the flavor, but rather for the health benefits that come from the beneficial compounds found in Reishi mushrooms.


Are Reishi mushrooms good for you?

Reishi mushrooms are known to be high in polysaccharides, which are known to provide immune system and gut flora support. They can stimulate white blood cells to help fight off viruses to keep the body running at full tilt.*

Not only that but Reishi mushrooms have also been associated with supporting the body’s sleep cycles. Because Reishi mushrooms are considered an adaptogen, they can help your body adapt to stress which can ultimately help you wind down for a good night’s rest.*

Scientific studies around the health benefits of Reishi mushrooms are only just beginning, butrecent reports like this establish the credibility of the traditional uses. Other sourceslike Healthline, report scientifically-backed health benefits beyond what we’ve listed here. You can check outthis article to learn more about all of the health benefits associated with Reishi mushrooms.


Where to buy Reishi mushroom

Because of the unpleasant texture and taste, Reishi mushrooms are best consumed in a powdered form, which is helpful when searching for them because Reishi mushroom powder is arguably the most common type of Reishi. It can be purchased from a variety of stores and online shops.

Be aware though that not all Reishi is created equal! When looking for a Reishi mushroom powder, be sure your product is USDA organic certified, with no added sugar, sweeteners, artificial flavors, preservatives, or caffeine. You may also wish to seek out a product with pure, clean ingredients to enhance the benefits. Look for superfood prebiotics and popular adaptogen herbs like Ashwagandha. For more information about Reishi mushroom powders, clickhere. For where to buy Reishi mushroom powder, you can check outRritual’s Reishi Relax elixir here.


How to use Reishi mushroom powder

Most people consume Reishi mushroom powder daily for immune and sleep support. Often taken in the evening to wind down, Reishi mushroom powder can be mixed with any warm liquid to create a soothing beverage.

If you are using Rritual’s Reishi Relax to provide general nourishment to your body, we recommend mixing one serving into warm oat milk to create a blissful nighttime routine. For specific health concerns or goals, you can read more about the right dosage of Reishihere.

Reishi mushrooms do not have serious known side effects, but you should always check with your doctor before starting a new regimen, including the addition of natural vitamins or supplements.




*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease.


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