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May 21, 2021 4 min read

When people think about ways to improve their overall health and well-being, most households have an affinity for organic compounds and superfoods to support their immune systems. That’s why mushroom powders like chaga have developed a loyal following of consumers. Used for generations in East Asian herbal practices, chaga mushrooms have become a staple in western civilization health remedies to support the health of both the body and the mind.

At Rritual, chaga mushroom powders are plant-based and enhanced with adaptogenic compounds that further support the immune system and overall health. Among the adaptogens included in chaga powders are schisandra berries, which are traditional Asian botanicals consumed for their ability to maintain health of the respiratory and immune systems.

What exactly are schisandra berries, and how do they benefit the body when mushroom powder is added into tea or other beverages? Let’s review the possibilities.

What is a schisandra berry?

Schisandra is a fruit-bearing vine that produces colorful berries with distinct tastes. Schisandra plants are commonly found in Asia, including parts of Russia where they’ve been used to support herbal practices for thousands of years.

Typically, schisandra berries have not been treated as a food. Instead, they’ve been used for generations to enhance substances with adaptogenic compounds that promote a healthier quality of life. This approach is believed to help people support their bodies and minds with adaptogenic properties instead of non-organic substances.

How to use schisandra berry powder

Similar to mushroom powders, the preferred method to consume schiasandra berry powder is to boil or warm water and brew a calming cup of tea. Use a standard 6 oz glass to hold your tea, and add one spoonful of chaga mushroom powder enhanced with schisandra berries to get the benefits of the powder in your system.

This is the optimal way to consume and enjoy schisandra berry tea benefits. A healthy spoonful of powder, consumed in your favorite beverage allows the adaptogenic compounds within the schisandra berries to enhance your body’s ability to cope with daily events and receive a healthy support to your immune system.

Find your favorite by trying out a number of chaga powder recipes found online. Your ideal drink can be tailored to your unique tastes. Try experimenting with a few creative concoctions to create a flavor profile suited to your preferences. While you experiment, remember that one spoonful of schisandra-enhanced chaga powder is enough to provide your body with the nourishment necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

Best adaptogens to use with schisandra

As an adaptogen, schisandra berries have the potential to improve one’s quality of life and overall health. However, adaptogens like schisandra can be further enhanced when blended with similar adaptogens. Research shows that adaptogens have the potential to help process stressful situations that impact the body’s immune system and the mind’s ability to focus.

Astragalus root

Astragalus root is one of the most popular adaptogens to help people coping with stressful periods of their lives.Astragalus also supports the benefits of schisandra berries with a one-two combination that blends very well together. In fact, Rritual’s chaga mushroom powders contain traces of both astragalus and schisandra, ensuring you receive the best of both adaptogens for optimal health.

Ashwagandha root

Ashwagandha has been used in herbal practices throughout Indian subcultures for thousands of years. Capable of supporting the body’s response to stressful situations, it also has the potential to relax the mind and help the brain function during particularly stressful times. As an adaptogen, ashwagandha also has the potential to enhance the capabilities of mushroom powders, especially reishi powders.

Eleuthero root

Eleuthero root is another adaptogen often used to cope with stressful moments. It’s known as the Siberian ginseng, and is often recognized for its ability to support cognitive performance and improve mental focus.


Whereas eleuthero root helps the mind process stressful episodes, rhodiola is used to help people cope with physical symptoms of stress. It’s also believed to help the body maintain higher levels of stamina and endurance. Rhodiola can be used as an enhancing adaptogen to further support certain mushroom powders, particularly lion’s mane powders.

Chaga and schisandra berry tea benefits

Chaga itself is not typically classified as an adaptogen, but it can be enhanced with adaptogenic properties like schisandra berries. Together, chaga and schisandra berries create novel compounds that help support and maintain a healthy immune response to stress or harmful environments and scenarios.

Drinking schisandra-enhanced chaga powder is one of the easiest ways to ingest these ingredients and benefit from the adaptogenic qualities. Most people prefer to add a spoonful of powder to a hot cup of tea, which absorbs the powder and enables the adaptogens to enter the digestive system before migrating throughout the body to support the immune system.

The best way to enjoy the chaga and schisandra berry tea benefits is to have a cup at the start of your day. This can help your body and your mind prepare for the day’s events without becoming overwhelmed by stress. You can also have a cup in the evening to help relax the mind and prepare yourself for a restful night of sleep.

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