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January 04, 2021 5 min read

Focus and attentiveness are not so simple concepts to translate into actual practice. For many people, focusing on one specific task is incredibly challenging as distractions easily enter the mind and shift focus away from the job at hand.

However, there are solutions to help improve focus. Some, such as medical therapy, enable open discussion with trained counsellors to help get back on the right track, though these methods are often expensive and not covered by health benefits.

Another popular solution is an organic and inexpensive method, which is to use regenerative mushrooms, such as lion’s mane mushroom powder. Adding a small dose of mushroom powder to hot tea or water will help calm the mind to improve focus. Regular doses of lion’s mane mushroom powder canlift your mental performance, concentration and alertness to improve your ability to complete day to day requirements and manage more stressful situations.

So, why can’t you focus and how exactly can you use organic remedies like lion’s mane mushroom powder to help center your mind? Let’s look into that with some hard answers.


Why can’t I focus?

A lack of focus is often indicative of some form of mental deficiency that’s either genetically innate within individuals, or a result of destructive behavior such as drug or alcohol abuse. An ability to focus and concentrate means these individuals complete fewer goals, remain indecisive about their paths ahead, and often causes anxious and depressive behavior. 

Even worse, without the ability to focus, it’s very difficult to break these self-destructive patterns. People feel trapped by their inability to break the habit and achieve new goals in their lives, thereby causing them to become more depressed and anxious about their options in life, and resulting in a continuous loop of suboptimal livelihoods.


What’s the likely cause of my lack of focus?

Medical experts have studied how physical, emotional, and psychological factors contribute to an inability to concentrate and focus on tasks at hand. While nothing is truly conclusive, doctors believe that lifestyle changes that reduce sleep, increase hunger, and add unnecessary stress to day to day life will contribute to an overall lack of focus and direction.

Additionally, there are medical conditions that, once diagnosed, can be likely causes of inattentiveness. For example, conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), insomnia, schizophrenia, and restless leg syndrome allcontribute to higher susceptibility to distractions and a lack of focus.

If you believe that your inability to focus is due to a serious medical condition, you can get yourself tested by your doctor. Visit your primary physician to discuss your struggles to concentrate, and you should receive a referral to a specialist. Once there, you’ll likely undergo blood tests and CT scans of the brain to verify if there is some physical abnormality that is responsible for your lack of focus.


What can I do to treat my lack of focus?

Your doctor will recommend that you make changes to your lifestyle in favor of more healthy ways of living. This means ensuring you get plenty of rest, eat a healthier diet, exercise regularly, and even try daily meditation to clear the mind.

If any of your medical tests conclude that there is a physical condition responsible for your inability to focus, you may be prescribed certain medications that help center the mind.

However, you can also take proactive care of your own health and well-being by adding organic compounds to your daily diet. One of those options is something like lion’s mane mushroom powder, which is a viable way to treat anxious minds so that you can relax and improve your ability to focus on daily tasks.


What is lion’s mane mushroom powder?

Lion’s mane mushrooms are large, white mushrooms that have shaggy tops reminiscent of a lion’s mane (hence the name). They’ve been used for centuries in East Asian cultures for both culinary and medical purposes, and have become a staple in the health and wellness industry as demand for lion’s mane mushrooms has expanded to the western world.

As a culinary option, lion’s mane mushrooms can be eaten raw or added as a topping to different types of foods. They can also be cooked and baked into entrees for lunch or dinner.

But they can also be dried out and ground up into a fine mushroom powder. The powder contains all of the nutrients and health benefits of the mushrooms, but those nutrients can be steeped or stirred into a hot beverage. You can easily drink the contents and gain the benefits of the mushrooms at any point throughout the day.


How much lion’s mane should I take?

There have only been a handful of studies testing the optimal amount of lion’s mane mushroom powder a person should consume in any given day so the amount of data available is limited. In one study, a person was administered 750mgof Yamabushitake, one type of lion’s mane mushroom powder, in three separate doses, per day, for a total of 16 weeks.

In other studies, patients were given a 3g tablet of mushroom powder per day and 5g of powder per day that was ground up into hot soup. Patients who participated in each of the studies reported no significant side effects from any of the dosages.

Since there are a limited number of studies involving lion’s mane mushroom powder, the data is not conclusive and a standard healthy dosage is unable to be determined until more clinical trials are conducted. 

Due to the limited knowledge, consult with your primary doctor about any plans to start consuming lion’s mane mushroom powder on a regular basis. Your doctor will know your medical history and if the powder will counteract the effects of other medications you currently or used to take for underlying conditions. With this information, your doctor will be able to recommend a healthy dose to begin your regular consumption and suggest ways to modify the dosage if there are any unintended side effects.


Final thoughts

Inattentiveness can be very damaging to day to day life, and it can cause ongoing mental health conditions for long periods of time without something to break the habit. Lion’s mane mushroom powder can help center the mind, reduce anxious thoughts, and enable you to focus your energy on productivity.

You can focus your efforts on completing daily tasks as well as laying the groundwork to achieve long-term goals with the right treatments. As more people become self-aware of the importance of healthy ways of life, they’re increasingly drawn to natural and organic substances to help improve their well-being. Lion’s mane mushrooms are organically grown, healthy to consume, and capable of improving your focus so that you can live a more fulfilling lifestyle.

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