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April 16, 2021 4 min read

Mushrooms have become more associated with health and wellness than ever before. Once recognized in East Asian cultures as adaptogenic products with the potential to support the well-being of both the human body and the mind, the potential health benefits of mushrooms have become a staple of both eastern and western at-home health and wellness.

Mushroom powder, particularly plant-based mushroom powders, include traces of adaptogens that support the health and well-being of people’s immune systems; enable people to cope with stressful situations, and ground the mind to better focus on daily activities.‡ These powders, as provided by vendors like Rritual, are natural elixirs powered by super ingredients tonavigate the mental, emotional, and physical challenges of modern lifestyles.

Given the potential health benefits of mushrooms and mushroom powder, you might wonder, exactly, what adaptogens and supplements exist within these powders, and what are the potential health benefits available through regular usage? Let’s look into that.

What are mushroom adaptogens?

First and foremost, what exactly are adaptogenic mushrooms?

According to Healthline, they are mushrooms that help reduce the effects of stress on your body as well as your mind. Adaptogens are known to support the negative and harmful effects of stress on the body.

Some superfood mushrooms such as reishi, lion’s mane and chaga can be rich sources of adaptogenic properties that support the body’s ability to resist and recover from stressful situations. Taken as part of a regular dietary routine, mushroom adaptogens help people enter periods of homeostasis so that the body and the mind can achieve a calm central balance.

List of Mushroom Adaptogens and Benefits

Now that we know that select mushrooms are rich sources of adaptogenic properties, the next logical question is a very simple one. Are there certain types of mushrooms and mushroom powders that have the potential to be more beneficial to one’s health over others?

Chaga mushroom benefits

Chaga is a superfood rich in nutrients that supports a healthy immune system. At Rritual, chaga mushroom powders are formulated withmycelium and adaptogenic herbs that promote a healthy immune function, a balanced response to stress, and an optimal digestive system.list of the potential health benefits of chaga provides greater insight into how the adaptogenic properties within chaga mushroom powder can benefit the body.

To consume chaga powder, many people add a spoonful into their drink of choice. Typically, a 6 oz cup of hot water, tea, or coffee is the go-to beverage to mix with chaga powder. However, there are some creative chaga recipes that add a flavorful twist to the typical experience. 

Reishi mushroom benefits

Reishi mushrooms are deeply rooted in ancient and traditional Chinese herbal medicines. It is recognized for its ability to help the body adapt to stressful situations while the mind stays focused and grounded. Reishi can be formulated with adaptogenic properties to help support the body through stressful situations.‡ According to WebMD, reishi mushroom powder helps balance one’s mood so that you can increase your chances of getting a restful night’s sleep.

Similar to chaga, reishi mushroom powder is best taken when mixed with a beverage of choice. Here are some recommended ways to use reishi powder that will help you achieve a more calm frame of mind and increase the likelihood of getting a restful night’s sleep.

Lion’s mane mushroom benefits

Similar to chaga and reishi mushrooms, lion’s mane mushrooms are also formulated with adaptogens to support the body and the mind. At Rritual, lion’s mane mushroom powder has been enhanced with rhodiola rosea root, an adaptogenic herb that helps promote a more focused mind and cognitive performance.

The International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms has analyzed the ways that lion’s mane mushrooms can even affect symptoms that cause neuropathy in patients. As more knowledge is gained in regards to how lion’s mane mushrooms support the body, those insights inform what to look for when buying lion’s mane powder.

Shiitake mushroom benefits

Shiitake mushrooms are understood to be one of the oldest and most referenced adaptogenic mushrooms on the planet. They’ve been a staple in East Asian medicinal best practices for generations, providing support to the body’s immune system and enabling people to strive for good health and wellness.

As noted by Healthline, shiitake mushrooms are rich sources of vitamins and nutrients that are nutritious for the body. The adaptogenic properties of these ingredients help support the immune system so that your body can remain in a calm and functional state.

Cordyceps benefits

Cordyceps is a specific type of fungi that is thought to increase the body’s stamina, contributing to more effective and persistent exercise regimens. Scientists believe that cordyceps increase the body’s production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecular compound essential for delivering energy to the muscles.

Cordyceps also help reduce fatigue and boost the body’s overall strength. There’s also an underlying hypothesis that cordyceps may even boost antioxidants within the body, but more research is needed to verify that claim.

Adaptogenic mushroom supplements

As you can see, adaptogens are found in many organic products that can help the body respond to stressful situations. Adaptogenic mushrooms, in particular, are known for supporting the body’s ability to cope with stress in order to promote more healthy sleeping habits.

Adaptogenic mushroom supplements come in a wide array of products. These include capsules, tablets, brewed teas and, of course, the raw mushrooms themselves. However, pre-packaged plant-based mushroom powders are one of the best ways to incorporate adaptogenic superfoods into your daily routine.

We suggest you try including a scoop of your choice mushroom powder Rritual Elixir as part of a soothing hot beverage, anytime of the day, mixed in either water, coffee, or your favorite non-dairy milk.

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