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April 23, 2021 3 min read

Reishi mushrooms have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries; most commonly known for their calming properties. Reishi contains some rare molecules, named ‘polysaccharides’ and ‘peptidoglycans’, which are thought to be the source of the relaxing effect they have on the mind and body.

Reishi mushrooms are also packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants - which can help support and maintain an already healthy, functioning immune and digestive system. Most famously, this nutrient-rich superfood can help your body adapt to stress, and soothe the mind before your head hits the pillow. For more information about the power of reishi mushroom, you can read this article to understand exactly, ‘what is reishi mushroom powder’ and its list of health properties in more depth. This particular article is going to take a deeper look at reishi mushroom benefits for skin.

Reishi mushroom benefits for skin lightening

‘Skin lightening’ most commonly refers to lightening up areas which may be prone to scarring, freckles, dark spots or dark circles under the eyes. The impact superfood mushrooms can have on a facial appearance have been known about for hundreds of years - particularly the reishi mushroom benefits for skin.

Reishi mushroom skin care

Superfood mushrooms can fall under the ‘adaptogenic’ sub-heading, meaning they are part of a wider group of herbs and plants which are capable of adapting to the body’s needs at the time of consumption. They help to protect your body, while fighting stress, allowing you to adapt to your environment more easily.

This is where the list of reishi mushroom benefits for skin really comes in. Reishi mushrooms are known to be deeply hydrating. If you have researched your skin care needs, you’ll know all about beta-glucans already. These are a group of antioxidant glucose molecules which are responsible for attracting water directly from the environment and applying it to your skin, giving that supple, hydrated look we all desire, regardless of age.

Reishi also helps your body to synthesize something known as ‘ceramide’ - this is a protective layer which runs over your skin, in short, designed to help keep the moisture in and keep the stress out. Your body’s natural levels of ceramide will run thin over time, due to sun damage and the organic aging process. This is essentially what makes your skin look more dehydrated as the years go by.

Reishi mushroom for anti aging

By now you’re an expert in reishi mushroom benefits for skin, and you know all about that reishi mushroom glow. To define this a little further into the world of anti aging - reishi mushroom consumption supports a youthful, hydrated appearance.

The best part is, reishi mushrooms not only help to give skin a smooth look, but can also help to maintain and support the strength of skin. Your cells essentially can become more resilient with the help of reishi - maintaining their moisture and building on this over time.

Reishi mushroom for oily skin

Reishi mushrooms not only work to hydrate the skin, but also contain antioxidants and Vitamin D, which help to support skin in its function to protect against environmental stresses.

If you’re interested in experimenting with Reishi Mushroom Powder to see what it could do for you and your clearer skin - we recommend adding one scoop of either the powdered mix or an Elixir Stick into your morning tea or coffee, with 6 oz of water, dairy or non-dairy milk. To find out more about ‘how you can use reishi mushroom powder’, please click to read this article. See if you notice the difference in your skin’s overall radiance.

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