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August 04, 2021 4 min read

It’s important to prioritize good physical and mental health to maintain a fulfilling quality of life. That’s why the health and wellness industry has become one of the fastest growing markets as more and more people become conscious of their own well-being and dedicate themselves to eating healthy foods that have the potential to support their immune systems and cognitive functions.

In addition to supporting your body’s ability to function in a healthy way, it’s also important to ensure your vital organs are capable of protecting you from unhealthy bacteria. The gut is one of those vital organs that helps promote a healthy immune system and bodily function. It’s important that the gut maintains its ability to process the foods you eat and the bacteria that enters your body.

What can you do to help support the health of your gut and your immune system? This article will offer some tips and best practices to help you maintain a high quality of life.

What is the gut microbiome?

When you think of bacteria, you likely picture dangerous or contaminated organisms that pose a significant risk to your health. But there are actually billions of microscopic “good bacteria” that live within your body, and these bacteria help support your immune system as well as the functions of your heart, your weight, and other aspects of your health.

Bacteria and other microorganisms that are located within the large intestine are known as gut microbiomes. Thousands of bacteria live within the large intestine, functioning as a diverse set of organisms that have the potential to enable your body to control the immune system and maintain healthy mental health.

Benefits of a healthy gut microbiome

It’s kind of funny that the old saying, ‘you feel something in your gut’ is quite relevant to the topic of gut health. When you feel pain in your gut, it can spread throughout the entire stomach and eventually disrupt your whole body’s ability to function.

In contrast, the benefits of a healthy gut microbiome are that your body and your mind can function effectively. Healthy gut microbiome also supports healthy stress response and sleeping habits.‡ Both of which are vital to your overall well being. When we aim to reduce our stress levels and prioritize healthy sleep patterns, we can contribute to our body’s overall healthy function and vibrant well-being.

What affects gut microbiome?

There are several factors that can influence the health of your gut microbiome. Microbiome begins to develop in the earliest stages of infancy and, at that age, breast milk and other infant feeding habits can influence the health of the gut.

As you age, your immune system becomes further developed. However, your gut can still be susceptible to negative factors that impact its overall health. Among the most common variables influencing gut health are:

  • Exposure to stressful situations
  • Home and work environments
  • The quality of your diet
  • Any medications you might take
  • Your age and physical activity

How to improve gut microbiome

So what are some of the best methods to improve gut microbiome? There’s no silver bullet that will function as a cure all solution. However, if you follow at least some of these recommendations, you may notice changes in the health and function of your gut.

Reduce the stress in your life

This is a tip that everyone should follow if they want to improve quality of life. Stress has a very negative effect on both the body and the mind, potentially causing very debilitating effects on your ability to function on a daily basis.‡ By increasing the number of adaptogens you consume into your body, you can help your body in it’s response to stress and improve your quality of life.

Increase the amount you sleep

The less you rest, the more you’ll struggle to make it through each day. As your body becomes more strained, you can start to feel the effects of restlessness in your head, your heart, and your gut. If you struggle to get enough sleep, try eating foods like reishi mushrooms and mushroom powders. Reishi is revered for its ability to help people sleep, and one daily dose of reishi powder can help calm the mind so that you can relax for a restful night.

Stay hydrated throughout the day

We all know that almost 60% of our body mass is water, and we need to stay hydrated throughout the day to keep from getting sick. Make sure to drink plenty of water to rehydrate yourself, especially if you plan on doing plenty of physical exercise during the day. The more you push your body, the less water you retain so make sure you’re replenishing your body with enough liquid to support your activity.

Eat more prebiotic foods

Prebiotics are healthy fibers that support the probiotics and good bacteria within your body’s digestive system. Prebiotics have the potential to support your gut, and there are a number of foods you can eat that are sources of prebiotic fibers. Make sure these foods are part of your regular diet so that you can remain healthy and active.

What foods promote a healthy gut microbiome?

In addition to prebiotic foods like fruits and vegetables, you can also support healthy gut microbiomes with regular doses of mushroom powders. Specifically, you can try consuming  more plant-based mushroom powders to help support your immune system.

Plant-based mushroom powders are supported by healthy adaptogens like astragalus root, schisandra berry, rhodiola, ashwagandha root, and others. Each of these adaptogens have the potential to maintain the body’s natural defenses, ward off fatigue or exhaustion, and promote a calming effect on both the body and the mind. While the adaptogens do their work and support your body’s immune system, they’ll can also help regulate gut microbiomes and support the quality of health in your gut.

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