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October 29, 2021 3 min read

Thousands of people look for new and healthier ways to maintain the vitality of their skin. Some people use pharmaceutical products sold in retail stores, while others rely on more organic compounds to support healthy skin.

For example, there are underlying benefits for the skin within specific types of mushrooms that also support the body’s immune system. Mushroom powders provided by companies like Rritual are further enhanced by adaptogens that contain peptides and other compounds that can support the skin. There are helpful guides on Chaga mushroom powders infused with Astragalus as well as   Reishi mushrooms enhanced with Ashwagandha, available in a variety pack, both of them are organic methods to support quality skincare. 

What are natural peptides?

For those who dislike the taste or experience of mushrooms, there are substances known as natural peptides that can also support healthy skincare.‡ Natural peptides are also called polypeptides, and they’re described as naturally occurring amino acids that generate within the body. These amino acids create proteins that are vital to the skin’s health and vitality.

Peptides also support the body’s production of its own collagen, a vital protein that helps the body remain healthy. Over time, the body may stop producing collagen as effectively as it once did, and many people rely on collagen supplements to enhance their body’s ability to support these proteins.* Collagen powders have the potential to maintain the regulation of the body’s own production of collagen as well as support healthy glowing skin.

Benefits of peptides

Collagen and other proteins are what help the skin remain healthy and youthful as people grow older. If the body is no longer producing enough collagen, signs of aging and sagging of the skin can leave their mark on the body.

Peptides can help and support the body as it regulates the production of more collagen and ward off the aging process of the skin. Regular use of peptides can help decrease wrinkles and fine lines that represent aging of the skin. Specifically, you may notice some of these benefits by regularly taking peptides.

Anti-aging benefits

Since peptides help the body maintain collagen to support the skin, they offer several anti-aging benefits that help the skin remain healthy, glowing, and youthful. In particular, peptides support healthy skin, less wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Support anti-inflammatory skincare

When areas of the skin become red or blotted by an injury or infection, it leaves a mark that diminishes the quality of your skincare. Peptides have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the spread of these red marks and help the body recover from illness or injury.

Improved firmness of the skin

Another sign of healthy glowing skin is how taut and firm it appears on the body. Peptides help strengthen the skin so that it maintains its firmness, reducing the likelihood of sagging and other risks to its health.

How to use peptides

Depending on the type of peptide you choose, you can ingest it or apply it directly to your skin in the form of a cream or balm. However, for those who prefer the simple method of using powders, there’s a very easy way to use peptides and absorb the benefits into your body. 

Collagen powders are a type of peptide that’s easy to consume and simple enough for the body to process. Many people take one spoonful of collagen powder and add it into their morning cup of coffee or tea. The hot liquid dissolves the powder and the compounds of the proteins are easily digestible as you sip your drink.

Natural peptides for skincare

As previously stated, you can use certain types of mushrooms and mushroom powders to support the health of your skin. These natural peptides for skincare are extremely useful. Additionally, collagen powders will help the body produce enough collagen to maintain firm, glowing, and healthy skin.

However, there are other alternatives that are still organic that you can use for skincare. For people who live vegan lifestyles, you can use vegan alternatives to collagen powder to help support your skincare. Additionally, there are several adaptogens you can take to manage stress, which can support the health and vitality of your skin.

Are peptides good for the skin?

This is the 64 million dollar question: are peptides good for skincare? Unlike other skincare compounds, peptides have the strength to break through the outer layer of the skin and directly interact with the skin cells underneath the top layer. This enables the peptides to communicate with the cells and regulate the production of collagen and other proteins to support the health and vibrancy of your skin.

While more research is necessary to determine the exact causes and effects of peptides on your skin, they do help the skin maintain a healthy youthful glow. 

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