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June 24, 2021 4 min read

Collagen is a protein produced by the body to help support the health and vitality of human skin. In recent years, collagen supplements have become a staple in the health and wellness industry to add further support to the body’s own collagen production.* The supplement is often available in powder format, similar to mushroom powders that can help the body maintain a healthy glow.

As an organic protein, collagen offers many potential health benefits for both the body and the mind. Skin care is one of the most obvious benefits of collagen powder, and healthy skin is a strong indication of a person’s overall well-being.‡ 

How does collagen powder provide benefits to the skin, and what are the ways that it works in collaboration with mushroom powders to support your immune system, cognitive performance, and your ability to remain grounded in the present moment? This article will help answer some of those questions.

What is collagen powder good for?

Collagen has been revered in some cultures dating back hundreds of years. In East Asian herbal remedies, collagen has been well-known as a powerful protein with the potential to smooth withered skin and help people maintain a youthful appearance.‡ 

In addition to helping to maintain healthy skin, collagen has the potential to ease joint pain and support and maintain both bone density and muscle mass.‡  While the body’s ability to produce collagen is often a sufficient amount of the protein to maintain healthy dexterity, a supplemental powder taken on a regular basis can assist with supporting your commitment to a healthy quality of life.‡ 

For all of the reasons that you can support your own health with a collagen supplement, you can also support your body’s immune system with a plant-based alternative such as regular serving of chaga mushroom powder. Chaga mushroom powder has the potential to aid with your healthy lifestyle and even help you manage very stressful periods of time in your life.‡ 

How to use collagen powder for your skin

As a supplement powder, collagen can theoretically be added to any food or beverage of your choice to ingest the contents of the powder into your body. Collagen powder is typically odorless and tasteless and can be mixed into coffee, smoothies and tea.‡ 

There are a number of collagen powder drink recipes you can follow to ingest the powder into your system and do so in a delicious way. These ideas are all similar to chaga mushroom recipes that you can use on a daily basis. From mushroom coffee and tea to a delicious smoothie or latte, you can reap all the potential benefits of chaga mushroom powder as part of your morning routine.

Plant-based powders, like mushroom powders at Rritual, are among the best choices to support your health and well-being. You get the nutrients, adaptogens, and other benefits from the powders and, knowing that they’re all plant-based, you can be assured that their benefits have not been compromised.

Collagen powder skin benefits:

Collagen powder is an easy-to-digest supplement that supports the organic protein produced within your body. As a result, the powder is an additional source of protein to help the skin remain youthful, healthy, and glowing from nourishment.‡ 

Supports youthful complexions

As people age, their bodies begin to produce less collagen on their own merit. This can cause more wrinkles and aging features to appear across the skin, causing a once youthful appearance to become much older in comparison.

But a regular dose of collagen powder can reduce these effects and help maintain the skin’s youthful appearance. Healthy skin also supports the health and vitality of other organs and cells within the body, enabling more sustainable quality health. When your supplement is derived from plant-based products, it’s another way to ensure your body receives the benefits without the use of animal bi-products.

Support skin elasticity

Skin elasticity describes how the skin both stretches and returns to its default state across your body. Skin that can maintain a healthy amount of elasticity has the potential to retain a youthful appearance and overall well-being.

But a loss of skin elasticity means that the skin is more susceptible to wrinkles that can cause sagging, crinkles, and more of a leathery complexion. The vitality of the skin is compromised, which causes aging and a loss of the healthy glow that embodies youthful complexions. A regular dose of collagen powder or plant-based alternative such as Chaga can minimize the effects of diminished skin elasticity so that the body retains its youthful appearance and supports a healthier lifestyle.‡ 

Supports strength and smoothness

In addition to collagen powder, you can also acquire collagen supplements in the form of a cream. Collagen boosting creams have the potential to smooth away the effects of stress and skin conditions to help the skin retain a healthy glow.‡ 

Additionally, you can support or substitute a collagen cream with plant-based chaga mushroom powder that contains traces of astragalus root. Chaga and astragalus support potential benefits for the skin as part of a capability to support the body’s overall immune system. Regular doses of chaga powder can do wonders for your ongoing health and well-being.‡ 

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