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June 15, 2021 4 min read

Every day, millions of people enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee (or tea) as they go about their days. But these days, a growing number of people are opting to drink mushroom coffee instead to help kick start their days and support their overall health and well-being. Plus, a steaming cup of mushroom coffee makes for a great picture on social feeds!

You might be wondering; is mushroom coffee good for you and how will it taste? You might find it surprising, but mushroom coffee tastes about the same as regular coffee. The only difference is that it contains traces of mushroom compounds and adaptogens that have the potential to support your immune system and your overall quality of health.

Now you might be asking: what types of mushroom coffee are there, and what health benefits do they contain? This post will attempt to answer those questions and provide advice on how to select the right mushroom coffee for your health and wellness needs.

What is mushroom coffee

Mushroom coffee is similar to regular coffee, but it’s been lauded by health experts for containing herbal remedies native to organic mushrooms that have the potential to support the body’s immune system and improve cognitive performance. Current mushroom coffees have become well affiliated with the health and wellness space, but it’s a traditional herbalism practice that has been used for generations.

Mushrooms have been a staple of East Asian herbal best practices for thousands of years. Many mushrooms contain traces of adaptogens that have the potential to support healthy physical and mental function. In some instances, they can help relax the mind and help people enter and retain healthy nights of sleep.

Over the years, the popularity of organic mushrooms has extended from the east to the west, causing an explosive demand for underlying health benefits of mushrooms. As a result, the market for mushroom coffee soared to new heights, and health conscious consumers increasingly chose mushroom coffee as their healthy beverage of choice.

Types of mushroom coffee

Similar to regular coffee made from coffee beans, there are a number of different types of mushroom coffees you can select for your unique health needs. Each one contains different adaptogens that can benefit both the body and the mind in different ways.

Reishi mushroom coffee

Reishi mushrooms are one of the most esteemed mushrooms that can be consumed. Reishi is known for its ability to help the body adapt to stressful situations, and it allows the mind to relax during stressful times. Many people use reishi mushroom powder to make their own mushroom coffee by adding a spoonful of powder into a morning cup of joe.

Plant-based reishi powders contain adaptogens that offer even more health benefits for the body. In particular, ashwagandha is an herbal adaptogen that, when combined with reishi powder, can provide health benefits for the skin to help the body maintain a youthful healthy glow. Reishi is not only a beneficial mushroom coffee; there are also a number of creative reishi tea recipes that are delicious to drink each day.

Chaga mushroom coffee

Chaga mushrooms are another highly regarded option for everyday consumers of healthy adaptogens. Chaga is known for its ability to support healthy immune function and improved well-being all year round.

Similar to reishi powder, plant-based chaga mushroom powders contain adaptogens with the ability to support greater physical and mental health. Specifically, plant-based powders such as the one created by Rritual contain traces of astragalus root and schisandra berry that work as a super-duo to help the body maintain its natural defenses.

There are a number of creative chaga powder recipes to produce some delicious drinks of choice. In addition to chaga mushroom coffee, the powders can be used to create chaga teas, smoothies, and other delicious home brews.

Lion’s mane mushroom coffee

Lion’s mane mushrooms are another highly recognized organic mushroom prized for its ability to support brain health. It’s recently been identified as a nootropic, helping clear the mind for optimal cognitive performance.

Like its sister mushrooms, plant-based lion’s mane mushroom powders  can also contain traces of enhanced adaptogens to further support healthy function. In particular, Rritual’s lion’s mane powders contain traces of rhodiola, an adaptogen often used by athletes to ward off fatigue and maintain optimal performance.

In addition to lion’s mane mushroom coffee, there are a number of other drink and food recipes that include traces of lion’s mane powder to enhance their quality and benefits to your health. You can make any of these recipes part of your regular dietary regimen and maintain a higher quality of life and well-being.

Is mushroom coffee good for you and what are the benefits?

We’ve touched specifically on the potential health benefits of unique mushroom powders and the adaptogens within each of them. But what are the particular health benefits of mushroom coffee, and how frequently should you drink each herbal brew?

One of the most straightforward benefits of mushroom coffee is that it contains less caffeine than regular coffee. Taken in excessive amounts, caffeine can cause anxiety, restlessness, tremors, and even irregular heartbeats that disrupt your overall health. Since mushroom coffee contains less caffeine, it can have fewer physical side effects on your overall health.

Additionally, since most mushroom powders used in mushroom coffee contain traces of adaptogens, both the body and the mind can benefit from regular doses of mushroom coffee. These include support for the body’s immune system, improved cognitive function, and a greater quality of life.

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