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April 03, 2022 4 min read

Have you ever had a craving for a healthy energy drink? If you’re committed to health and wellness and living the best life that you can, you’ve likely dabbled in healthy energy-boosting drinks before. They’re often excellent sources of protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are essential to the health and vitality of your body, your mind, and your energy.*

Arguably, the most essential and healthy energy-boosting drink is water.* It’s one of the simplest drinks that people can choose to consume, and yet so many of us fail to drink as much water as we should on any given day. According to WebMD, we should all strive to drink half an ounce to an ounce of water for every pound of bodyweight we possess.

However, some people prefer healthy energy-boosting drinks that improve mental focus or stimulate their ability to endure physical activity for longer periods.* For that reason, there are other options to consider for a healthy energy-boosting drink of choice. Let’s look into what some of those might be and how they can benefit your health.

Types of healthy energy-boosting drinks

In addition to water, there are a handful of healthy energy-boosting drinks that can support your commitments to good health.* Some of the best choices are regularly consumed by people daily. It’s just a matter of selecting the right kind of drink that can best support your goals.

Mushroom coffee

Mushroom coffee is an excellent alternative to standard coffee that has the potential to support your body’s health and your immune system.* Mushroom coffee is very similar to regular coffee with one notable additional ingredient: mushroom powder.

One spoonful of mushroom powder is all that’s required to make a delicious cup of mushroom coffee.* The powder contains nutrients and adaptogens that are native to mushrooms, and those ingredients are stirred briskly into your cup of coffee so that your body can absorb those nutrients to support your health.*

Low or non-caffeinated tea

Green tea typically has lower concentrations of caffeine than other types of tea or coffee. However, it does contain compounds that can help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation that can provide a smoother transition to a more alert level of wakefulness in the morning.*

Additionally, you can have a hot cup of mushroom tea to begin or end your day. There are several different types of mushroom tea that are made similarly to mushroom coffee. By adding one spoonful of mushroom powder into your cup of tea, you can enjoy all of the benefits of organic mushrooms with each sip of your energy-boosting drink.*

Healthy energy boosting drinks and supplements

Other alternative healthy energy-boosting drinks include collagen coffees or teas. Similar to mushroom coffees or teas, collagen coffees and teas are made by adding a spoonful of collagen powder into a standard cup of coffee or tea.*

Collagen is a protein that’s produced by the body, providing a form of insulation between bones, joints, and muscles that protects your physical health.* As we age, our body’s natural supply of collagen depletes and we require collagen supplements to offset those declines. Collagen powders help strengthen our body’s own collagen levels so that we can maintain good physical health. By stirring collagen powder into a cup of coffee or tea, we can easily consume the powder and reinforce our own body’s internal support systems.*

Healthy benefits of mushroom supplements

Mushrooms can be further enhanced by adaptogens and other supplements to provide even more health benefits to the body.* Certain mushrooms contain different types of adaptogens, and here is a handful of some of your best options.

Chaga mushroom supplements

Chaga mushrooms are revered for their ability to support the body’s immune system.* Chaga can be further enhanced with adaptogens like astragalus root and Schisandra berry, which is an immune super-duo that supports the body’s organic defenses.*

Lion’s mane mushroom supplements

Lion’s mane mushrooms are recognized nootropics, and they help activate the mind to stimulate optimal cognitive performance.* Lion’s mane mushrooms are further enhanced by Rhodiola, an adaptogen often used by world-class athletes to ward off fatigue and promote physical endurance.*

Reishi mushroom supplements

Reishi mushrooms are renowned as the “mushroom of immortality,” earning that nickname for their ability to help the body relax and combat stress.* Reishi can be further enhanced by the adaptogen ashwagandha root which, in addition to combating stress, helps calm both the body and the mind after especially trying days.*

Best mushroom supplement to boost energy

Two sachets of Rritual Superfoods mushroom powder.

Several benefits come from consuming mushrooms on a regular basis. But when choosing a healthy energy-boosting drink that actually boosts your body’s energy, your best option is to go with lion’s mane mushrooms or mushroom powders.*

Due to the enhanced capabilities of Rhodiola and other adaptogens, lion’s mane mushroom powders are revered for their ability to support peak physical endurance and mental cognitive function.* Lion’s mane mushrooms activate the mind so that you can reach a level of alertness and wakefulness as soon as possible.*

Quick and healthy adaptogen smoothie to boost energy

Smoothies are one of the best ways to deliver essential vitamins and nutrients into your body through one delicious serving. When enhanced with the capabilities of mushroom powders (one spoonful is all that’s necessary), they can function as a healthy energy-boosting drink that provides all the organic benefits of mushrooms in every delicious sip.*

We’ve put together a helpful guide to produce the ultimate adaptogen smoothie blend. Using this guide, you can make your own healthy smoothie of choice and provide an organic energy boost to support your health every day.*

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