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January 25, 2022 4 min read

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with caffeine: It gives us the energy boost we need to get productive and focused, but due to the increase in cortisol it produces in our bodies, it can also lead us to feel wired, moody, or stressed.

In recent years, many people have been turning to natural remedies and supplements to replace or upgrade their current wellness routines, and our morning cup of coffee is no exception!

How to boost energy without caffeine

Ah, the big question! Well, you don’t need to sit at the edge of your seat much longer because we have the answer, and it’s adaptogens.

You may have heard of these non-toxic plants – they can be mushrooms, herbs, or roots. According to Healthline, they are categorized this way because of their ability to support a healthy stress response and immune system by helping your specific body adapt to stress in the ways it needs.*

If you are looking for an energy boost without caffeine, you’ll want to ensure that the supplements you’re consuming fall into the category of adaptogens. And luckily, all of Rritual’s products contain adaptogens to help you feel your best!*

Adaptogens for energy

These powerhouse plants are having a moment. Despite having been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal practices, they are becoming mainstream all around the globe as teas, tinctures and restorative foods* thanks to their well-documented benefits.

If you are looking for a natural energy boost, you may want to pay particular attention to Rhodiola. According to WebMD, Rhodiola root can help support overall outlook and cognitive performance, including sharpening mental focus and productivity.* And because it contains no stimulants at all, you can be sure that it won’t overstimulate your body and cause some of the negative effects you may find with caffeine.

While more research is needed, one recent clinical trial found the majority of the subjects taking Rhodiola reported it helped bring relief from occasional feelings of nervousness and/or restlessness and that they had a noticeable shift in their clarity of thought and ability to focus.*

Mushrooms for energy

Some superfood mushrooms like Reishi, Chaga, and Lion’s Mane can be rich sources of adaptogenic properties that support the body’s health.*

Lion’s Mane mushrooms in particular are coveted for their ability to keep you alert, focused, and mentally sharp.* They are considered a nootropic, which means that they may have a positive impact on mental function. Rritual’s Lion’s Mane Focus Elixir is enhanced with Rhodiola root (because how could we leave out that powerhouse?!) to pack the punch you need to energize and awaken your senses.* You can learn more here about how Lion’s Mane and Rhodiola can work together to keep you feeling sharp and productive all day long.*

Types of mushrooms for energy and focus

The reality is that because adaptogens adapt to your own body’s needs, adaptogenic mushrooms are a great choice to help with energy and focus – and to be honest, there is no shortage of options!

Reishi mushrooms, while best known for helping the body adapt to stress and promoting a sense of calm* can also promote productivity and clarity without overstimulating the mind. Rritual’s Reishi Relax Elixir is enhanced with ashwagandha root, one of the world’s most popular herbs for stress support. This combo may help promote a natural energy boost.* Read more about the benefits of Reishi here.

Known as the “king of mushrooms", Chaga can support a healthy immune system to keep your body functioning properly. Rritual’s Chaga Immune Elixir also contains Eleuthero root (surprise! A bonus adaptogen!) which may help ward off fatigue and depletion and can keep you feeling at the top of your game by providing whole-body stress support.* Read more about the benefits of Chaga here.

However, the right superfood mushroom combined with the right adaptogen herbs for your goals can set you up for success, and for that, we recommend starting with Rritual’s Lion’s Mane Focus Elixir.

Rhodiola with Lion’s Mane for energy & focus

If you ask us, this is where you will want to start if you’re looking for an energy boost without caffeine!

At Rritual, our Lion’s Mane mushroom supplements are further enhanced with the organic adaptogens Rhodiola and Bacopa. These adaptogens help the body ward off fatigue, promote physical endurance, and support peak cognitive function, enabling a healthier frame of mind and an overall higher quality of health.*

Simply add your powder to a mug of hot water in the morning. When mixed in hot water as a tea infusion, Rritual’s Lion’s Mane Focus Elixir has a rich flavor similar to dark roasted coffee and carob with multidimensional notes of herbs and freshly cut tea leaves. Yum!

The benefits will be most noticeable when you consume it regularly, so consider including Lion’s Mane into your wellness routine to put that (caffeine-free!) pep in your step.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease.

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