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May 05, 2021 4 min read

Astragalus root supports the body’s immune system, allowing the maintenance of good health and an overall quality of life. Taken as part of a regular regimen, astragalus root can help relax the body and the mind so that you can achieve restful nights of sleep and the body’s response to long and stressful days caused by work or lifestyle stressors.‡ 

At Rritual, astragalus root is used to enhance the effectiveness of plant-based chaga mushroom powder.  Astragalus is combined with schisandra berry, a plant-based fruit that can support your efforts to concentrate, coordinate, and ease the potential of experiencing mental fatigue.  Both astragalus and schisandra berry enhance chaga mushroom powder, which supports the body’s natural immune defenses and maintains a healthy response to stress. 

Specifically, in regards to astragalus root, what are the underlying health benefits of the adaptogen herb, and how will those benefits support your body’s immune system? Let’s look into some examples.

Astragalus and the immune system

As an adaptogen, astragalus helps support the body’s defenses against potential threats to the immune system.  It’s been used in traditional East Asian medicines and herbal remedies for generations, and is often combined with other herbs to further enhance its adaptogenic properties.  This is one of the reasons why Rritual blends adaptogen with schisandra berry to further support the health benefits of chaga mushroom powder 

Astragalus is typically taken orally, often in the form of a capsule, or a powder stirred into your drink of choice. Astragalus benefits for the immune system include the strengthening and enhancing of the body’s defenses against ailments that can cause symptoms of the common cold, among others.*

Astragalus immune system support

Astragalus is considered by some experts to be a dietary supplement that can support the immune system and the maintenance of overall wellness.‡ When used appropriately, astragalus supports the body’s functions and the mind in remaining grounded, focused, and present.  A relaxed and peaceful mind helps lull the body into a restful night’s sleep. 

In addition to the mind, a healthy body benefits from astragalus’ immune system support.  Astragalus helps restore, strengthen, and balance the immune system so it can help you maintain good health and a high quality of life. 

A common benefit of astragalus root for both the body and the mind is the idea of balance.  A balanced state of being reduces the effects of stressful situations, and it helps you remain grounded in the present moment to promote healthier thoughts and restful nights.  This is one of the main reasons why astragalus is an excellent enhancement to the organic benefits of plant-based mushroom powders like chaga. 

Chaga mushroom immune system benefits

Chaga has been used  traditionally in East Asian herbalism dating back thousands of years. In recent decades, the benefits of chaga have reached the shores of western civilization, and the immune system benefits of chaga mushroom powder are now as revered in the west as they have been in the east.

Chaga is a wild-crafted mushroom consumed for its underlying health benefits.  Plant-based chaga mushroom powders are extracted from the mushrooms and combined with products sold for consumer consumption The most common way to consume chaga mushroom powder is as a hot tea, with coffee, or with water for easy dilution.

Today, there is a body of research which has identified Chaga to contain novel compounds that help to support and maintain a healthy immune response. Chaga can be further enhanced with adaptogens like astragalus root, which is also valued for its ability to support the body’s overall health.‡ 

Taking astragalus & chaga together for immune system support

Astragalus and chaga mushroom powder are among the most favored superfoods to support and enhance the body’s immune system.  Both astragalus and chaga have been taken traditionally together for thousands of years to provide immune system support, and to help promote good health and well-being for millions of people across generations.  This is another reason why astragalus benefits the immune system and helps maintain a healthy quality of life. 

Taking these two ingredients together can complement the support of a healthy immune system and mind in reaching a relaxed state of calm.  The easiest way to combine the two is by purchasing pre-packaged chaga powder enhanced with astragalus, the small batch crafted product by Rritual, which also adds schisandra berry to the powders for additional support. 

Once you have the powder in hand  you can brew a hot pot of water that can be poured into a standard 6 oz glass. Many people use the water to make tea, and they then scoop in one spoonful of chaga mushroom powder to easily digest the benefits of this warm beverage.  Additionally, coffee or a smoothie can also become  your chaga-infused beverage of choice.

Astragalus and chaga are both caffeine-free, so they can help relax the mind and promote healthy periods of restfulness.  One cup of tea, coffee (ideally caffeine-free), or other beverage with astragalus-enhanced chaga powder is enough to support the immune system, enhance the health of the body, and ground the mind for an improved quality of life. 

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