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June 07, 2021 3 min read

What is astragalus root?

Astragalus is a plant which is part of the ‘beans’ or ‘legumes’ family. In Chinese traditions, the roots are used to help maintain a healthy functioning immune system, and are also used as an adaptogen; helping the body to cope with stress.‡ Here you can read more about the best adaptogens for stress, and which one could be best suited to your unique needs.

Astragalus is also a flowering plant, which grows from 15 to 35 inches tall (also called Huang-qi), and can be found in Mongolia, Korea and North/Eastern parts of China. Only two species of the 2000 different species of the astragalus plant are used as a superfood extract.Multiple parts of the plant are used in the production of natural remedies. There are various supplement types available. These include powders, teas, capsules, and liquid extracts.

Astragalus contains specific properties which can have a beneficial effect on human health: saponins, flavonoids and polysaccharides. Saponins can help the body to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol. Flavonoids have antioxidative qualities, which can help keep control of free radicals and polysaccharides help the body to maintain a healthy inflammatory response. This article will take a deeper look at astragalus benefits for men.

What is astragalus used for?

In Chinese traditions, astragalus is used to protect the mind and body from both mental and physical stress. Used in a multitude of traditional ways to help strengthen the body’s life force, energy, or ‘qi’. In the Western world, it is increasing in popularity for the same reason. Taken as part of a regular ritual, astragalus can also assist in a restful night’s sleep and help the body respond and adapt to the normal changes of life, with its rich nutritional density, helping to maintain overall health. Chaga and astragalus also both contain an impressive array of skin benefitting properties.

Similar to other superfoods, such as blueberries for example, chaga mushrooms and astragalus contain antioxidants which can help the body support in keeping skin hydrated, healthy and well-nourished.

Free radicals are essentially ‘free cells’ which cause damage to other cells in the skin, ultimately causing skin to lose its youthful glow. The antioxidants found in chaga mushrooms and astragalus may help to maintain skin’s health and protection of cells from free radical damage. By reducing the number of free radicals in our body, we can help to support overall stress responses.

Top astragalus benefits for men

However, astragalus isn’t just about immune system health, antioxidants and skincare. There are some key astragalus benefits for men, which stand out.

Astragalus has traditionally been known to help maintain heart health and function. The properties in astragalus root can help to maintain healthy blood flow and circulation - both these areas affect men more than they affect women.

In one particular study, patients with heart failure were given 2.25 grams of astragalus twice daily for two weeks, along with conventional treatment. They experienced greater improvements in heart function compared to those receiving standard treatment alone.

Combining chaga & astragalus 

Chaga mushroom and astragalus together create an immense force of superfood support for the body’s immune system. These two plant-based herbal nutrients have been combined in ancient traditions for hundreds years; used to to promote mind-body support and an overall sense of wellbeing.

At Rritual, we enhance the chaga and astragalus benefits for men and women, by combining it with eleuthero root, an adaptogenic herb known to help the body manage and respond to stress in a healthy, balanced way. For a balance of flavor and full spectrum seasonal support, we also included schisandra berries to our recipe.

Try it for yourself

If you’re interested in sampling astragalus benefits for men, chaga mushrooms, or both; we suggest trying one scoop of Rritual Chaga Mix into your tea, coffee or smoothie.

Why not try a scoop of chaga, astragalus mix with 6 oz of dairy or non-dairy milk, for a creamy cup of caffeine-free latte. Chaga and astragalus are most advantageous when used regularly, so give this method a try for a couple of weeks to begin the process, and see if you notice a difference in your overall sense of contentment. You can also try using one Rritual Chaga Elixir Stick per day, as a quicker, easier alternative.

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