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May 12, 2021 3 min read

Organic mushrooms have become some of the most sought after superfoods to help support the body’s immune system, ground the mind in the present moment, and support one’s overall health and quality of life. Mushroom powder is extracted from these superfoods, and some powders contain adaptogens and herbs to support optimum health.

For example, chaga mushroom powder can be absorbed by the skin as a remedy to support the body in healthy skin care. Reishi mushroom powder, which is also beneficial for skin care, has also been known to help people cope with stressful situations so that they can improve their quality of sleep.

You might be wondering; what exactly are the differences between various mushroom powders like chaga vs. reishi, and how do they each support your overall quality of health and wellness? That’s what we’ll analyze in this article.

Chaga uses and benefits

Chaga is a superfood that studies have shown contains novel compounds to support a healthy immune system and an overall quality of life. At Rritual, our plant-based chaga mushroom powders contain adaptogenic herbs like astragalus root, schisandra berry, and eleuthero root to enhance the organic compounds within chaga for more effective experiences.

By supporting a healthy immune system, chaga helps maintain the body’s defenses and an overall positive quality of life. Chaga  contains fiber and essential nutrients that support the immune system and white blood cell production to maintain the body’s defenses.

Eleuthero root enhances chaga’s support for the immune system. Eleuthero root is a plant-based adaptogen that helps the body process and maintain balanced responses to stressful situations. This helps the body cope and maintain health without succumbing to the harmful effects caused by ongoing stressors.*

Reishi uses and benefits

Reishi is also a superfood that helps the body cope with stress. Rritual’s plant-based reishi mushroom powders contain traces of ashwagandha root, an adaptogen that enhances the powder’s ability to calm the body, relax the mind, and maintain healthy physical and mental responses to stressful situations.

Reishi is revered for its ability to calm the nerves within the body. The nervous system is one of the many systems of the body that can be affected by stress.  Reishi mushroom powder helps support the nervous system and an overall response to potentially harmful stressful situations while maintaining a healthy balanced mind and body.

When the nerves are able to relax, and the body can be less affected by stress, it allows you to enter periods of more restful sleep. Regular sleep reduces fatigue and provides you with more energy to face each day.* Reishi mushroom powder supports the body’s responses to stressful episodes so that healthy habits such as restful sleep can be maintained.

Difference between chaga vs. reishi

Now that we understand the uses and benefits of both mushroom powders, what exactly is the difference between chaga vs. reishi? Both are among a list of adaptogenic mushrooms with underlying health benefits for the body and the mind, though there are subtle differences between the two powders.

Chaga supports the immune system with a boost of energy that helps you remain focused and grounded so that you can complete given tasks throughout your day. Reishi is known to relax the body so that you can minimize harmful reactions to stressful situations and prepare yourself for restful nights of sleep.

Can I take chaga and reishi together?

Given that chaga is meant to give you boosts of energy and reishi is meant to relax your mind, it may seem odd to combine the two together. But as the old saying goes, “opposites attract” and that’s certainly the case for these two adaptogens.

There are also differences between mushroom extract vs. mushroom powder that may also influence your body’s responses to the adaptogens. This enables you to experiment with different combinations of the adaptogens so that your immune system receives the healthiest support.

Benefits of reishi and chaga together

Taking chaga and reishi together can help balance the adaptogenic properties contained within each mushroom powder. Chaga’s burst of energetic flavor is offset by the soothing and relaxing properties of reishi so that you don’t become overstimulated or fatigued.* This allows you to receive the health benefits of both powders.

We recommend forming separate routines and establishing your rritual for taking Reishi and chaga. Since chaga provides a boost of energy to the immune system, why not add a scoop of chaga mushroom powder into your morning smoothie, coffee, or beverage of choice to start the day feeling motivated and focused? At the end of the day, make a cup of tea or warm non-dairy milk and scoop in a spoonful of reishi mushroom powder to relax the mind and prepare yourself for a restful night of sleep.

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