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April 13, 2022 4 min read

A healthy brain is vital to a high quality of life. Brain health is what helps us remain focused on our goals; control our emotions so they don’t control us; make realistic plans for our future prospects, and experience satisfaction in the present moments so we enjoy our lives with wholehearted satisfaction.*

Sometimes, our brains struggle to remain in the present moment. We become overwhelmed by feelings of stress and anxiety that overwhelm our ability to focus on completing our daily tasks. But simple changes to our lifestyles can remedy these challenges, including by changing the foods we eat and the supplements we ingest throughout the day.*

Are mushrooms good for your brain?

Mushrooms are some of the best foods to support positive brain health.* Many mushrooms are further enhanced by adaptogens that help support both our brains and our bodies with an organic boost to the immune system to maintain our mental health and acuity.* They can even help relax your mind so that you can ease into a restful night of sleep.*

So what are some of the best mushrooms for brain health, and what do you need to know about how each mushroom interacts with your body? Let’s look into those questions and offer up some answers.

3 types of the best mushrooms for brain health

There are up to a dozen organic mushrooms that can benefit your brain and your body in different ways. But three specific types of mushrooms are the best mushrooms for brain health, which will help you maintain a more fulfilling and satisfying lifestyle.*

Chaga mushrooms

Chaga mushrooms have been revered in both Eastern and Western cultures for many years.* It’s renowned as a mushroom that provides universal support to the body’s immune system all year round by helping to support and maintain a healthy immune response such as white blood cell production.*

Chaga can be further enhanced with adaptogens, including astragalus root that offers enhanced support of the skin to maintain a healthy glow and youthful complexions.* Combined with Schisandra berry, these two adaptogens are an immune super duo that helps the body maintain its defenses.* A healthy immune system ensures the brain receives the right signals from the body to protect against unnatural threats, further supporting a higher quality of life.*

Reishi mushrooms

Reishi mushrooms are highly celebrated as “the mushroom of immortality.” It is a well-known food that helps the body relax or decompress from stressful situations to promote a more relaxed frame of mind.* Many people specifically use reishi mushroom powders to support healthy sleep habits.*

Reishi mushrooms provide even greater benefit to the brain when paired up with the adaptogen Ashwagandha. This adaptogen is one of the most popular herbs in circulation today for its ability to provide a healthy response to stress, which further relaxes both the brain and the body.*

Lion’s mane mushrooms

Lion’s mane mushrooms are exceptionally suited to promote brain health and development as they’ve recently been recognized as a nootropic.* This distinct label helps the mushroom activate and clear the mind to promote optimal cognitive performance.*

Lion’s mane can be further enhanced by several adaptogens, but the most interesting, in terms of support for greater brain health, is a little-known herb called Bacopa monnieri. This plant-based herb has the potential to support chemicals produced by the brain that help improve how we think, learn, and recall information.*

A lady working

Possible benefits of eating mushrooms for your brain health

While most people are prone to classify mushrooms as simple vegetables, they’re actually a distinct type of fungi. Grown and cultivated in the wild, they have fibers and proteins that are vital to supporting your overall health.* However, they also possess a high number of antioxidants that can help support cognitive abilities and reduce the risk of serious brain ailments or disorders.*

Researchers have studied the effects of mushrooms for many years. One recent study at the National University of Singapore suggests that people who incorporate even a small amount of mushrooms into their diets have a far greater likelihood of maintaining optimal cognitive function and reducing the risk of brain deficiencies like mild cognitive impairment.*

How to incorporate the best mushrooms for brain health into your daily routine

One of the best ways to deliver the best mushrooms for brain health into your body is to use mushroom powders.* Rather than a full mushroom that needs to be digested, you can substitute it for healthy mushroom powders that can be added into any number of creative recipes.* One small spoonful provides enough cognitive support to your brain to reap the benefits and improve your quality of life.*

If you’d rather not mix the powders with the foods you eat, you could also add them to your daily cup of coffee, tea, or water. Just like when cooking with mushroom powders, one spoonful is all you need to add to your drink of choice. Stir the powder until it dissolves into the liquid and you can sip the contents of the powders at your leisure. You can also add mushroom powders to drinks like smoothies, and we have a whole list of ideas to support your creativity.*

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