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October 04, 2021 3 min read

What Does Chaga Mushroom Do?

First, let's talk about how to spot these strange-looking adaptogenic mushrooms in the wild. When you come across this superfood mushroom in its natural habitat, they’re hard to mistake for any other mushroom. They look similar to burnt wood with their charcoal color, have a lumpy exterior, and can even grow in a clump as big as a human head. 

Did you know that “Chaga” comes from the Russian word for mushroom? That’s because Chaga Mushrooms have been used as a traditional form of medicine in Russia and Northern European countries and are known to thrive in very cold climates. They’ve even been referred to as “black gold” because of how valuable they are. 

Like most herbal supplements and mushrooms, Chaga requires hot water or alcohol to break down its tough cellular walls to make the benefits available for consumption.‡ And so, Chaga mushrooms can be enjoyed in coffee or tea, on their own or when combined with other mushrooms like cordyceps.‡ 

Mushroom-based coffee is said to be less acidic and also has less caffeine compared to a regular cup of joe. Hot mushroom-based beverages may seem like a relatively new idea, but Chaga was actually used as a coffee substitute during World Wars I and II. 

If hot beverages are not your thing, opt for supplements instead. You can enjoy this benefit-rich mushroom in powder form by adding our single-serve Chaga Immune sticks into your daily smoothie.

Health Benefits Of The Chaga Mushroom

So why should you make room for Chaga mushrooms or Chaga powder in your pantry? According to natural health expert, Dr. Axe, these mushrooms are loaded with both physical and mental benefits which include:

  • They contain antioxidants which play a role in maintaining healthy blood pressure and benefitting cardiovascular health‡
  • Properties in Chaga mushrooms can help fight free radicals in the skin which helps support healthy skin and slow the aging process‡
  • Healthy immune function‡
  • A balanced response to stress‡
  • Optimal digestive function‡

What Is Cordyceps Mushroom Good For?

Traditionally, mushrooms are said to be beneficial for vigor and vitality in Ayurvedic medicine.‡  But more specifically, cordyceps originated in Traditional Chinese Medicine thousands of years ago and were medicinally used by holistic healers to treat diseases and a wide variety of ailments. 

They’ve long been used in religious rituals and linked to longevity and immortality and can be found in Asia, Europe, and North America. In addition, studies show that traditional healers in Sikkim used these mushrooms in tonics and claimed: “that it improved energy, appetite, stamina, libido, endurance and sleeping patterns.”‡ 

Cordyceps Mushroom Health Benefits

Cordyceps has a long list of benefits that includes improved immunity, slowed aging, enhanced athletic performance, and the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels. But let’s dive even further. 

Here are our top five benefits of cordyceps:

1. Enhances Athletic Performance 

Cordyceps are considered to be an energizing adaptogen and are often used to help fight fatigue, prevent weakness and treat muscle aches.‡ Studies suggest that this particular fungus can improve physical abilities, endurance, and stamina.‡ 

2. Supports blood sugar regulation

In a series of studies, research shows that cordyceps supplements have helped in maintaining blood sugar levels and supporting healthy insulin levels to avoid insulin resistance.‡  

3. Promotes mental clarity 

These mighty adaptogens help support the body in fighting radical damage, maintaining balanced responses to oxidative stress, and support healthy brain function and memory.‡ 

4. Combats stress 

As an adaptogenic herb, cordyceps can support mental health by fighting environmental stress and the body’s response to stress.‡ 

5. Helps to support healthy immune function 

Cordyceps contains polysaccharides (anti-inflammatory compounds) and cyclosporine that helps to optimize the body’s systems and overall health.‡ 

Chaga Vs Cordyceps

As you can see, both adaptogenic powerhouse mushrooms have plenty to offer. In the end, the winner here may just be down to personal preference. To help you decide, think about what specific health benefits you’d like to reap from your favorite mushroom. Then, think about taste and accessibility. 

Still on the fence and can’t decide? Don’t worry, we’ve got just the thing. Our Chaga Immune Mushroom canister and stick packs are made with an immune-synergy blend that includes high-quality ingredients like organic cordyceps, organic Chaga powder, organic ginger root powder, a probiotic blend, and more. Easily whip up your favorite wellness elixir in the form of coffee, tea, or smoothies. Your morning Rritual, evolved.

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