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October 14, 2021 3 min read

The word nootropic comes from theAncient Greek word nóos, which means ‘mind.’ Nootropics are organic compounds that help support mental health and acuity.‡ They’re used by millions of people today to help support proper cognitive function and improve mental focus, clarity, and acuity.‡ The goal for most users of natural nootropics is simply to support and enable greater mental performance.‡

While many people may not immediately think of mushrooms as being a natural nootropic, one particular mushroom is made to support cognitive function.‡ Lion’s mane mushrooms and mushroom powders have long been revered for their ability to support brain health, and have been recognized as a nootropic.‡

Plant-based lion’s mane mushroom powders can be further enhanced with the adaptogen Rhodiola Rosea and Bacopa monnieri.‡  Rhodiola is often used by world-class athletes toward off fatigue, promote physical endurance, and support peak cognitive function.‡ While this is impressive, Bacopa monnieri is also known as an Aryuvedic herb renowned for its ability to maintain a healthy brain and can work in tandem with these great ingredients.‡

Beyond lion’s mane mushrooms and mushroom powders, what else do you need to know about natural nootropics? In this article, we’ll analyze what you should know about nootropics, how they function, and the health benefits that come from using them.

Nootropics: what are they?

Simply put, nootropics are organic substances that people take to help support mental performance and cognitive function.‡ In a fast-paced environment like the one we currently live in, many people turn to nootropics to help cope with the daily stress of maintaining a work-life balance, family and financial factors.‡

With a small dose from a nootropic, some people feel these mushrooms provide the mental relief they need to enhance the brain’s ability to function on a cognitive level.‡ This can often result in improved periods of creativity, focus, and motivation.‡ Additionally, nootropics can often support your mind’s ability to remember key dates, tasks, or events.‡

How do nootropics work?

There is a distinction between organic nootropics and synthetic nootropics. Organic nootropics are substances grown in the wild that contain cognitive-enhancing properties with no artificial ingredients required.‡ Lion’s mane mushrooms and mushroom powders are excellent examples of organic nootropics.‡ Synthetic nootropics, on the other hand, are those that are manufactured in labs and contain artificial or non-organic compounds.‡

Organic nootropics have the potential to boost memory, attention, and mental energy.‡ Caffeine is one of the most common nootropics as it’s included in most of our morning cups of coffee or tea. People often reach for this drink of choice to kick start their morning with a boost of mental energy that allows them to focus on tasks ahead of them, at work or around the house.

What are natural nootropics?

As mentioned, lion’s mane mushrooms and mushroom powders are an example of natural nootropics.‡ Taken in tandem with plant-based adaptogens, lion’s mane powders can help support cognitive performance.‡

Additionally, there are other commonly used organic nootropics that can support mental performance and acuity. Among the most popular choices are:

  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Panax ginseng
  • Bacopa monnieri (often found in lion’s mane mushroom powders)‡
  • Rhodiola Rosea (often found in lion’s mane mushroom powders)‡
  • Fish oils
  • Certain types of tea
  • Dark chocolates

Benefits of nootropics

Mental performance can often be disrupted by external stressors and situations. Stress is a very difficult pressure placed upon the brain, which disrupts cognitive processes and reduces one’s ability to function at full mental capacity.‡ People often look for ways to relieve stress, and many are reluctant to turn to pharmaceuticals and pills to alleviate their overtaxed minds.

Instead, many people use organic nootropics to relieve their stress and support mental acuity.‡ They can also help improve mental focus, which is especially important when faced with mounting pressures at work or at home.‡ 

How to use nootropics

How you use nootropics depends on what you’ve selected as your nootropic of choice. Some come in food form that you can easily digest, while others are in the form of creams or tinctures that you can absorb into your skin.‡

In the case of lion’s mane mushroom powders, the most common way to use this nootropic is to take a spoonful of powder and mix it into your morning cup of coffee, tea, or beverage of choice. A quick stir of the powder helps dissolve it within the liquid so that you can more easily consume the adaptogens and absorb the potential health and mental benefits.‡

Additionally, there are a number of lion’s mane food recipes that you can follow to have your daily dose of mushroom powder with a favorite meal. By adding a spoonful of powder into these common recipes, you can increase the support for mental function and optimal cognitive performance.‡

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