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February 03, 2021 4 min read

A healthy immune system enables the body to ward off medical conditions as common as seasonal colds, and as severe as heart disease. Doctors and medical experts have encouraged patients to live healthier lives for years in order to boost the strength of their own immune systems. In recent years, those advocations have been made with greater emphasis on consuming more organic foods to keep the body in good health.

Chaga mushrooms have become one of the staples of the health and wellness industry as a natural and organic food with underlying health benefits. Chaga mushrooms are rich in natural vitamins and minerals that improve both physical and mental health, while taking strides to improve the overall strength and integrity of the body’s immune system.

You may ask yourself: how exactly do chaga mushrooms affect the immune system, and what conditions or diseases can chaga powder help to prevent? That’s what we’re going to answer.

First you can take chaga mushrooms

Chaga has its roots in colder northern climates. Chaga mushrooms are grown on specific types of birch trees in places like northern Canada, Russia, and the Scandinavian countries of Europe. The mushrooms are irregularly shaped, and they can be identified by the distinct resemblance to burnt charcoal on the top.

When ground into a fine powder, the rich vitamins and nutrients contained within chaga mushrooms can be added to a hot beverage for easy consumption. The mushrooms can be ground up manually at home, or you can purchase pre-packaged chaga powder from certified vendors. Once it arrives, you can stir the powder into hot tea or coffee, and you can make chaga part of your regular diet.

Before you make chaga part of your regular routine, discuss your plans with your primary doctor first. Medicinal experts believe there are no significant side effects from chaga, but it can interfere with any medications you may take for other purposes. Your doctor will be able to make that distinction, and recommend an ideal dosage you can take on a regular basis.


Chaga mushroom immunity studies

To date, there have been no human studies or clinical trials involving chaga mushrooms or mushroom powder. While human trials have been conducted for Lion’s Mane mushrooms, which are similar but different from chaga mushrooms, those same human studies have not yet been conducted with chaga.

That’s not to say that clinical research about the benefits of chaga doesn’t exist. There have been many in vitro and animal studies that have helped medicinal experts learn about the primary benefits of chaga mushrooms.

For example, a team of scientists in Japan administered chaga as a form of therapy for mice with a specific type of lung cancer known as Lewis lung carcinoma. The doctors measured the effects on the mice when they received 6mg of chaga per day over a 3 week trial period. The findings showed a 60% reduction in tumor size in tumor-bearing mice, and a 25% reduction in nodules in metastatic mice.

Interestingly enough, the study also showed promising effects on the immune system within the mice. The body temperature increased in older mice as a result of the chaga doses, while the body temperature was maintained in mice that were implanted with tumors following the trial. Elevated or maintained body temperatures help boost the immune system, which suggests that chaga can have a positive effect on the body’s overall immune system.


Chaga mushrooms and autoimmune disease

When the body is injured, it naturally tries to heal and protect itself from the worst effects of the injury. The body’s white blood cells will administer more rapidly in an effort to heal the injury and prevent infection from spreading to other parts of the body. When the immune system is compromised by an autoimmune disease, the white blood cells fail to distinguish between your body’s natural cells and the foreign infectious cells. This can cause debilitating cases of inflammation that impact your overall health.

However, the effects of inflammation can be managed using the body’s own cytokines. Cytokines are small proteins released by the body’s various cells, and these proteins communicate with other cells within the body to maintain a healthy immune system.

According to research, chaga helps regulate the production of cytokines. The studies are currently limited to mice, but these insights suggest chaga can help the body treat or recover from autoimmune infections.


Chaga mushrooms and cancer

As cited above, studies have been administered to test the effects of chaga mushrooms as a natural substance to combat various types of cancer. Chaga’s ability to combat cancer, as tested in animal medical trials, has even been cited by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC).

According to MSKCC, chaga extracts have demonstrated an ability to reduce the harmful effects of various colon, lung, and liver cancers. It’s also believed that inotodiol, an anti-inflammatory sterol found within chaga, can reduce the effects of tumors in cervical cancer cells.


Chaga mushrooms and inflammation

Long-term inflammation can lead to serious medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or heart disease. Inflammation will last for long periods of time if harmful bacteria and infectious viruses are left untreated within the body.

Chaga’s ability to regulate the production of cytokine proteins enables the body’s various cells to communicate with each other when healing from an infection or injury. By promoting a healthy communicative immune system, cytokines will help the body distinguish its own natural cells from harmful bacterial cells, and allow the immune system to recover from illness.


Final thoughts

A healthy immune system allows people to live fulfilling and rewarding lives. A healthy body also encourages a healthy mind, which reduces the likelihood of mental health conditions like social anxiety or clinical depression.

Natural remedies extracted from chaga help the body maintain a healthy immune system without causing significant medical side effects. Regular doses of chaga help the body recover from injury, maintain elevated temperatures, and promote a more active lifestyle that allows people to live life to its fullest measures.

Remember to speak with your doctor before you make chaga mushroom powder part of your daily routine. You want to ensure that any doses of chaga will not interfere with medications you may be taking for other conditions.

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